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Feb 3, 2017


What is the difference between essences and serums?

Occasionally, the beauty world can seem confusing, with terminology increasingly bewildering and the range of products ever-expanding. However, two products which should be integral parts of our skincare regimen are serums and essences, but what’s the difference between these two powerful products? Let's take a little educational trip back to beauty school to untangle any essence vs serum confusion.

What is an essence?

Facial essences now stand at the forefront of popular beauty culture, becoming an essential part of our daily skincare regimens. An essence is a form of beauty water which is lightweight yet highly concentrated in active ingredients to deliver a strong dose of moisture and targeted treatments to the lower layers of our skin. They are used after a toner and before a serum in order to highly prime the skin by adding another layer of hydration to our epidermis, whilst also healing and rejuvenating our skin. Furthermore, by using an essence at this stage, it allows for increased effectiveness of subsequent skincare steps by promoting a higher rate of absorption. Thus, a facial essence makes your beauty routine far more effective and primes, heals and renews your skin.

What is a serum?

Differing from an essence, a serum is far heavier in its composition, and, rather than deliver more general hydration deeply into your skin, it actually contains a few active ingredients to target specific concerns far more effectively. Whether you’re looking to reignite radiance to your complexion, make your skin appear more youthful or repair and rejuvenate your skin, serums are the key. Furthermore, Dr. Jaishree Sharad explains that molecules in serums are far smaller than those in moisturizers, therefore are far better at penetrating more layers of our skin than creams, in order to really target and improve a specific concern.

Why we need both in our skincare regimen?

Although essences and serums may seem similar, they both have their place in your most effective skincare regimen. Although they have similarities in that they both contain active ingredients and are aimed to deeply penetrate the lower layers of our skin, they carry out two different jobs. An essence is used to deliver hydration and to heal the skin in a more general sense, perfecting and priming our skin as a whole and giving us a healthy complexion. A serum, on the other hand, is far more specific to target exact concerns and deliver a dose of active ingredients that are specifically related to those problems. Over time, a serum will improve your skin in terms of making it more youthful or more radiant, however it’s the essence which heals your skin from deep within.

When to use an essence?

An essence should be used after your cleansing regimen and as the first step of your skincare routine. Deeply purify your skin, and get ready for an essence by using Biosource Total Renew Oil, which is formulated with natural botanical oils as well as an anti-pollution adhesion agent to double cleanse; removing 73% of PM2.5 particles as well as long-lasting makeup for a nourishing, effective cleanse. Finish off your cleansing routine with a toner such as the Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion, which, enriched with Chlorella algae extract, not only rids your complexion of any lingering impurities, but also detoxifies your skin and allows it to breathe again.

Now that our cleansing routine is completed in the expert way, by using a facial essence at this stage, it will heal purified skin and improve the effectiveness of your serum and moisturizer afterwards. LIFE PLANKTON ESSENCE has been formulated to act as the step 0 of any skincare routine and contains a variety of 35 nutrients, vitamins and amino acids in order to rejuvenate and heal your complexion. The texture of this essence is deeply intriguing, whereby it is formulated to be as lightweight as water yet as powerful as a serum. To be used both morning and night, Life Plankton Essence has extraordinary properties whereby this powerful microorganism has a strong affinity to your skins membrane in order to regenerate and heal your complexion. In fact, in 8 days, clinical trials showed that the use of this essence would result in newborn skin, looking 3 years younger on average and 13 years younger in best performance.

When to use a serum ?

After an essence with the lightness of water has had its opportunity to penetrate the skin to the deepest possible level, next comes serum. The texture is still thin when compared with a moisturizing gel or cream, therefore it needs to be next in order. This is the ‘layering’ skincare technique, where the order of application is vitally important for maximum absorption of hydration and targeted skincare ingredients. With skin primed by the facial essence, it is in the best and most receptive state to make the most of the benefits of the serum. The key to really benefiting from a serum is to identify exactly the area of your complexion that you wish to target.

If you’re looking to keep your skin youthful, BLUE THERAPY ACCELERATED SERUM is the right choice. Concentrated in the Algae of Youth™, this fast-acting formula dramatically improves the three most visible signs of aging - wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness, for a powerful anti-aging action. In fact, after 4 weeks where 61 women assessed the serum, 89% of women felt that their skin looked more radiant and luminous, promoting younger-looking skin.

If you live in a city and notice that sometimes your skin could do with deep repair and rejuvenation, SKIN OXYGEN ANTIOXIDANT SERUM is the perfect serum in this instance. Highly concentrated in Chlorella, this powerful antioxidant-concentrated algae strengthens and repairs the damage against our skin from external aggressors. Skin is visibly soothed, smoothed and regains an even, radiant, healthy-looking complexion.

If you’re looking to reignite radiance, then LIQUID GLOW SKIN BEST is the answer to your skincare woes. Formulated with the most powerful antioxidant algae extract, Astaxanthin, skin is instantly smoothed and the complexion is enhanced to reinforce a natural glow.

If your skin is lacking in hydration, and requires an intense dose of nourishment, then AQUASOURCE DEEP SERUM is for you. Thanks to its concentration of Life Plankton and Mannose, this deeply hydrating serum delivers moisture to deeper layers of the skin to regenerate and water-plump the skin, promoting the birth of a new skin quality and enhancing your complexion.

Now you are an expert in essence vs serum skincare formulas, it’s time to incorporate both a skin essence and a serum into your regular skincare routine for your most flawless skin yet!

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