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At Biotherm, we are more than just a skin care brand we are part of the Water Lovers community. We believe in understanding the environmental impact of climate change and particularly in the threat of plastic pollution. Through partnerships with NGO international ocean campaign Mission Blue and the Tara Expeditions Foundation to study the marine environment and how it can be better protected, we are committed to respecting the environment
25 Apr 2019

The Tara Expeditions Foundation is a scientific research foundation, which aims to explore and discover more about our oceans. Since 2003, this French non-profit organization collaborates with international scientific institutions to study and understand the impact of climate and ecological change on waters. They are committed in making the health of the seas a priority for everyone. The Tara Expeditions Foundation uses a 36-meter schooner called tara to travel the world and collect ocean data. The boat has completed 10 expeditions, providing scientists with the information they need to predict and anticipate the impact of climate change. We have pledged our support to help them on their next expedition to unveil the hidden secrets of our planet. From the Panama Canal to the archipelagos of Japan, their ship crosses eleven time zones and examines the most remote islands and reefs, to help us better understand our marine environment. Since water is such a big part of our brand, we wish to do everything we can to improve the science surrounding it.

Water Lovers is our internal and external approach to cleaning up our oceanic environment. Within our company, we have implemented a plan to preserve the waters in the making of our products, and to be more ocean-friendly. Externally, many of our new products are created according to this statement. You can be a part of this positive change too, by making responsible and eco-friendly choices to contribute to saving our planet. Join us and be a water lover!

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Water has always been part of Biotherm’s DNA. In 2012, Biotherm cemented this deep connection via the Biotherm Water Lovers program: first, an integral part of Biotherm’s ongoing environmental mission is to develop sustainable circular economy hence reduce fossil plastic consumption. Secondly, the Biotherm Water Lovers program works with NGO partners on research and education about ocean preservation, especially by creating products that respect marine life.

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