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Discover Biotherm Hommeโ€™s T-Pur range, a radical anti-oil and shine program that Mattifies Skin.
19 Jun 2019

When it is hot outside, our skin tends to suffer from excess shine. Indeed, heat and humidity accelerate oil production from sebaceous glands, which make the skin oilier. Another reason for this unfortunate side effect is that the skin becomes thicker and oilier than usual to protect itself from UV rays. But it is not all bad news: there are simple ways to make your skin shine-freethis summer. Take a look at the T-Pur range from Biotherm Homme, a radical anti-oil and shine program that will mattify your skin in only two steps.

Where should I start my shine-free skinroutine?

Step 1: like any other skin routine, you should start by cleansing your skin. T-Pur anti oil & shine cleanser for men with oily skin protects against skin shine. Its formula with sea algae extract and zinc absorbs excess sebum. Without impurities, the skin is mattified and purified. You will love its clay-like texture!

Help, I still see my pores!

Step 2: use T-Pur anti-oil & shine moisturizer for men with oily skin, which will deeply hydrate your skin without leaving a sticky sensation. This gel absorbs shine to help the skin to look fresher and mattified. And this clean skin effect lasts all day long!

Follow these steps every morning before going to work or enjoying your summer vacations. They will soon become a daily routine. Without oily skin issues, no doubt that you will feel comfortable over the summer!

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