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A New Skincare Routine, including Moisturizers For Men, is what you need for your post-summer skin.
19 Jun 2019

If you are heading back to work, start off on the right foot. During summer, your skin may have been a bit overwhelmed: too much time in the sun, too much chlorine in swimming pools and too much sea salt! In just three quick steps, including moisturizer for men, is what you need as your skin requires some post-summer cares.


Quench your skin

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It is morning and you are getting ready for work. Between your breakfast and the kids to bring to school, there is not much time left for yourself. You should not forget your skin โ€“ it went through a lot this summer! Take just a minute for your new skin routine and quench your skin with Aquapower oligo-thermal care. This great moisturizer for men - the most sold in Canada - will keep your skin hydrated for hours, whatever the conditions are. A perfect way to feel fresh until you come back from work, even after long commutes and busy days at the office.

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Take some time to relax

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It is the evening and you have just came back home. Take a moment for yourself. After removing impurities and refreshing your skin with the Aquapower Cleanser face cleanser for men, we suggest you use Aquapower Clear Essence, a bio-fermented liquid care enriched with Life Planktonโ„ข water. Have you ever heard of liquid cares? It is one of the latest trend coming directly from Asia, a must-have on this yearโ€™s bathroom shelves! Aquapower Clear Essence is a unique type of skincare for men that penetrates instantly into the skin and will leave it nicely moisturized all night long, without leaving a sticky feeling.

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Anticipate for this fall


With the change of season and the return to work, this is the perfect time to rethink your daily skin routine. As colder days are coming in a couple of weeks, we recommend an intensive hydration of your skin. Biotherm Hommeโ€™s Aquapower range will be on your side to start the season off right.

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