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Biotherm Hommeโ€™s tips to Refresh Your Skin with steps before, during and after physical activity.t
19 Jun 2019

After months confined to a fitness room, take advantage of the fresh air and warm weather to experience the many pleasures of kayaking, football or even rock climbing. However, keep in mind that being outdoor exposed to sun, dust and air pollution can put your skin under strain. Discover our best tips to refresh your skin with a few simple steps before, during and after physical activity.

Before: protect your skin from sun exposure

Spending too much time in the sun can have harmful effects on the skin. Sunburn is the first thing that comes to mind, but sun can also accelerate the skin aging process. To avoid this, make sure your skin is properly protected from sun exposure while you are hiking, cycling or playing beach volley.

During: keep your skin fresh

Just before working out, refresh yourself with the Aquafitness Deodorant, an antiperspirant for men with long-lasting action. Its powerful action will keep your skin fresh for 24 hours in a row, while neutralizing odors. A must to remain fresh and comfortable in your clothes while doing sport!

After: cleanse your skin from the dust

After jogging in the park or cycling from work to home, take a fresh shower and clean your face with Biotherm Hommeโ€™s T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Cleanser. This cleanser for men will refresh your skin by removing dust, pollution particles and excess sebum. Complete this skincare routine with T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Moisturizer. This moisturizer for men will keep your skin fresh and hydrated throughout the next day, even if you decide to push your physical limits again!

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