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Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Life Essence harnesses the healing and regenerating power of thermal Life Planktonโ„ข to keep your skin healthy this winter.
16 Dec 2019

Late nights, travel, alcohol, food: the holidays have been full of excess and, sadly, it tends to show in our complexion. Keep your skin looking smooth, supple, and healthy this winter with a skincare boost!

It was the most wonderful time of the year and your calendar was likely jam-packed with Holidays parties and gatherings, where you were sure to take part in drinking toasts and fantastic feasts. While it was all good and fun, the excess tends to catch up with us in the form of oily skin, blemishes, and imperfections. Rather than waiting for the worst of it, it is a good idea to incorporate a soothing and strengthening face essence for men into your routine now so that you are sure will look your best for this new year.

Biotherm Homme Force Supreme: a total revelation for healthy skin

Formulated with an incredible 5% of the cosmetic industryโ€™s most powerful regenerative ingredient, thermal Life Planktonโ„ข, Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Life Essence refines skin texture, reduces pores, and minimizes the visible signs of aging. Light as water, this innovative face essence for men absorbed rapidly into skin to work at the cellular level to encourage turnover, without leaving behind a sticky texture or greasy sheen on the surface of the skin.

How to use a face essence for men

Designed to be the first step in any menโ€™s skincare routine, the face essence should be applied twice a day (morning and evening) just after cleansing. Distribute 4-6 drops into your hands and then warm it up between your palms. Spread the essence from the center of your face outwards using fluid motions, before finishing with your neck. Within just 5 days skin becomes noticeably smoother and more supple, while oil production remains balanced for healthy skin... consider it Biotherm Hommeโ€™s gift to you! Happy New Year!

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