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Feb 3, 2017


Are day and night creams really all that different? Find out…

Is it really necessary to use both a day and night cream as part of your skincare routine? Here we take a closer look at the differences between the two, and offer suggestions for the best combinations to address some of the most common skin concerns: dull skin, wrinkle repair and excess oil production.

Day vs. Night: the difference between creams

Most day creams contain SPF in order to protect the skin from everyday UV exposure. Even on overcast days, UV rays can penetrate and contribute to the development of age spots, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. Day creams also tend to have lighter textures than night creams, as they are formulated to be compatible with makeup, meaning they need to be easily absorbed and non-greasy.

Night creams, for their part, tend to be heavier and more concentrated than day creams. That’s because night time is the ideal time to infuse your skin with powerful regenerative ingredients while the skin is hard at work self-repairing.

While day cream helps to keep your skin looking and feeling good all day long, night cream works on deeper concerns such as signs of aging and skin hydration. Now let’s take a look at some of the most effective day-and-night skincare combinations!

Normal skin and dry skin: radiance and skin hydration

Just because you have normal skin, doesn’t mean you don’t suffer from the occasional bout of dryness, especially in the winter months. And if you have naturally dry skin, you’ll find this can worsen when the weather is cold and indoor heating gets turned up.

During the day, your skin needs regular hydration and protection from the elements, yet it’s only natural you want to maintain a perfected, radiant glow. Biotherm Sun Care SPF 30 has a light texture, but penetrates into the skin to provide day-long dewy freshness.

For night, dry and normal skin types will enjoy Biotherm Aquasource Everplump Night, a replenishing sleeping mask that envelopes the skin in a breathable yet deeply nourishing veil. Apply six dots of the mask over your face in the dark, as star ingredient Dark Activated Algae is activated by the dark since that’s where it grows. Massage it into your skin for a full 2 minutes and then go to sleep. In the morning, skin looks and feels plump and glowing.

Mature Skin: wrinkle repair and age spots

Common concerns with aging skin are the development of wrinkles as skin loses elasticity and the appearance of age spots caused by discoloration. Age spots are the result of damage to the skin caused by sun exposure, which is why a day cream with SPF is so important.

To protect your skin against the external aggressors that can accelerate premature skin aging (pollution, the weather, the sun etc.) during the day, Biotherm Blue Therapy SPF 15 was specifically formulated for skin suffering from wrinkles, age spots and a loss of firmness. The cream comes in two textures: an airy mousse for normal-to-combination, and a nourishing balm for normal-to-dry skin types.

Overnight, it’s time to act against those signs of aging with Biotherm Blue Therapy Night cream, rich in restorative ingredients like healing thermal Life Plankton™ and firming Blue Retinol (A.flos-aquae extract). Smooth the fresh oil-in-water cream into your skin from the center of your face out toward the edges and enjoy all night protection.

Oily Skin: restore balance and soothe

Oily skin can suffer from an imbalanced microbiome, where the skin produces too much sebum in order to compensate for a lack of natural moisture. The key is not to scrub or use abrasive cleansers that strip the face of its natural oils, but instead to restore balance and ease excess sebum production.

To protect your skin from daily pollution and other aggressors that can cause breakouts, use Biotherm Skin Oxygen Hydrating Gel to hydrate your skin with its light and soothing oil-free formula. The moisturizer sinks instantly into skin to give it a dose of radiance and clarity.

During the night, let your skincare work on restoring the balance to your skin with the help of Biotherm Skin Oxygen Night, which works to detoxify and plump the skin with a breath of freshness. Enjoy the luxurious Hyaluronic Acid beads that melt into the texture, before slipping off to sleep and awakening with bright, purified skin.

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