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Feb 3, 2017


Give a healing and regenerating beauty gift for Lunar New Year.

Asia’s biggest festival is approaching, and apart from being hugely excited, you are also starting to look for gifts for your loved ones? Lunar New Year is the perfect time to express respect and affection with great presents, what if this year you chose a healing beauty gift?

Clothes, books, candies... This year, you feel like changing from the gifts you usually offer? A regenerating skincare product might be just the perfect present to please the people you care about. In fact, we all know how important skin is for self-confidence. It is a universal feeling –when we look good, we feel good. And to keep a healthy, great looking skin, implementing a skincare routine is a must. Here is our guide of the absolute must-haves to include in a daily beauty routine.

The key to clear, regenerated skin for women

Every day, our skin is under attack –pollution, stress, lack of sleep etc. –, and it needs to be healed. Created to repair and transform women’s complexion, this unique step 0 fundamental skin treatment for oily skin Life Plankton™ Clear Essence makes skin look younger, clearer and more glowy. Infused with Biotherm’s miraculous Life Plankton™, the essence reignites the skin's regenerating powers. As lightweight as cosmetic water, as effective as a serum, Life Plankton™ Clear Essence quickly penetrates into the skin to renew it and make it look healthy. Within 8 days, the skin feels smoother and balanced. Within a few weeks, skin feels regenerated and more even. A regenerated pristine skin has surfaced.

The secret to brighter, younger looking eye area for women

Eyes are the most prominent features of the face (we know how powerful the look can be), and it is also the most delicate area. Thus, giving special attention to the eye contour is fundamental to keep it healthy. Containing the highest concentration of healing Life Plankton™, our unique best eye cream for wrinkles Life Plankton™ Eye helps to prevent premature eye aging by sustaining the skin’s regenerating capacities and fighting wrinkles. With its nutritious and light texture, this creamy gel envelopes the eye contour to protect it from further aggressions while intensely nourishing it. It also helps the skin look healthier by reducing bags and dark circles under the eyes, and by making the eye contour look denser and firmer. Within 8 days, the skin appears softer, brighter and regenerated. Within weeks, the eye contour looks younger and smoother.

The key to purified, smoothed skin for men

High-paced urban life can cause skin to look dull and tired. While having a skincare routine is a must, including an essence that will hydrate and clear the skin can be really beneficial. This is why Biotherm Homme created a unique facial essence for men, enriched with Biotherm Homme’s healing Life Plankton™ and hydrating oligo-elements. Aquapower Clear Essence leaves men’s skin moisturized, smoothed and clearer. With its ultra-light watery formula, this essence instantly penetrates the skin leaving it with a fresh, non-sticky feeling. Day after day, the skin feels hydrated, fresher and purified. It is more radiant and looks regenerated. Dull and tight skin is no longer an issue!

The key to strengthened, firmer looking skin for men

While implementing an anti aging serum for men in skincare routine might not be familiar to all men, its power is huge. In fact, using a serum is a great way to inject a highly-concentrated dose directly to the skin which makes it great for targeting specific concerns like wrinkles and tired skin. Specifically created to boost firmness and revitalize the skin, Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum will significantly reduce signs of aging and make the skin look regenerated. Lighter than a cream and with an ultra-fresh texture, this serum hydrates the skin while making it look denser and softer. Within a few weeks, skin’s tonicity is boosted, wrinkles and fine lines are smoother. Skin is strengthened –you are ready to face the day feeling great and confident.

Fundamental Skin Healing Treatment For Oily Skin
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Anti Aging Eye Cream
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