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Feb 3, 2017


Discover why you should use an anti-aging cream in your 30s

They say better late than never, but when it comes to anti-aging, getting an early start is best! The 30s are an exciting decade often filled with milestone moments and new experiences. However, you will likely find that your skin is undergoing some new changes as well.

While you cannot stop aging altogether, you can certainly control how your skin looks as you get older. It is important to establish a good skincare regimen in your 30s as these years play a critical role in how your skin will age down the line. Read on to discover the sorts of changes you should expect and how to pick the right anti-aging creams when you enter the 30s.

What happens to your skin in your 30s?

As a 30 year old, you may think you do not have to worry about aging just yet, but you should definitely reconsider. In fact, in your 30s your body metabolism starts slowing down, and so does the bioenergy of skin cells, which fuels the creation of collagen and activates repair processes. While this does not necessarily translate to any drastic pigmentation or coarse wrinkles in the present, failure to properly care for your skin can cause accelerated aging, and by extension, more severe symptoms as you get older.

According to WebMD, although the skin will largely retain its youthful look, you may notice your skin looks less radiant during your 30s. Other aging signs that start to appear during this decade are crow’s feet, lines between the brows, dilated blood vessels around the sides of the nose, and brown spots caused by sun damage.

No need to worry! Fighting the aging process on your skin and counteracting existing concerns is relatively simple. Here is what you need to know about anti-aging creams for 30-year-olds.

Anti-aging cream for 30-year-olds: prevent damage caused by external aggressors

Protection is a key part of any effective skincare regime - especially in your 30s. According to dermatologist Dr. Lauren Eckert Ploch, it is vital for women in this age group to ensure they use SPF on their neck and decolletage in addition to their face, particularly if they spend a lot of time commuting since UVA rays can travel through window glass. She also warns that previous unprotected UV exposure can lead to dark spots in your 30s.

Apart from using an SPF daily to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, there are other extrinsic aging accelerators you should be aware of, such as pollutants and harsh climate conditions. As a result, we recommend using the Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream underneath your sunscreen during the day. With Life Plankton™, algae extract, and mother-of-pearl hues, this anti aging cream has a gel formula that will not leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy so it wears nicely under makeup. Most importantly, it helps combat external aggressors to keep your skin looking firm and radiant whilst helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Use a night cream that contains retinol

The 30s are a delicate time when it comes to skincare since many women experience concerns typically associated with both youth and adulthood, making it hard to discern the best retinol cream. For example, a common concern is having fine lines and adult acne simultaneously. While rich, thick creams are great for treating wrinkles in more mature skin, they can lead to congestion and clogged pores if your skin is already on the combination or oily side, thus making breakouts worse. Consequently, it is best to look for lightweight formulas with dual-purpose ingredients. So what exact ingredient should you look for in an anti-aging cream as a 30 year old? The answer is retinol!

While you may have had brief stint with retinol in your 20s, it should be a staple in your skincare routine by your 30s according to dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch. The Blue Therapy Night is the perfect anti-aging night cream for 30-year-olds. Formulated with Life Plankton™ and a. flos-aquae (also known as blue retinol), it helps reduce the appearance of lines, tighten the look of pores, and enhance firmness while you are asleep, for a skin that looks rejuvenated by morning.

Keep your eyes looking lifted and youthful

According to dermatologists, because the skin around the eyes is very thin, it is more vulnerable to breaking down, making it more prone to sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles than the rest of the face. This means that the first aging signs you experience on your face in your 30s will likely be near the eye area. Therefore, if you are not already using an anti aging eye cream, now is the time to start!

We recommend the Blue Therapy Eye to help target wrinkles, crow’s feet, and a lack of firmness. The soft, melting texture is incredibly nourishing making it ideal for the delicate eye contour. Plus, it acts on all visible aging signs to give you a more luminous look.

By following these expert tips as to what to look for in an anti-aging cream as a 30 year old, you can rest assured your skin will maintain its longevity and youthfulness as you age. Ready to keep your skin looking radiant indefinitely?

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