Nicolas Valois
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Feb 3, 2017


5 simple steps to soothe your dry, flaky skin this winter

There’s a reason dermatologists and aestheticians don’t recommend sticking with the same skincare routine all year round: extremely dry air indoors and out, strong winds, and hot showers all zap moisture from the epidermis, making dehydrated skin extremely common in winter. Whereas healthy skin is smooth and glowing, skin that lacks moisture is typically dull with imperfections, flakiness, itchiness, and even redness. Winter calls for a major overhaul of your skincare routine to include deeply nourishing and hydrating products and skin-friendly daily habits. If you’re currently dealing with dry, flaky winter skin, then consider adopting these skincare hacks for the cold weather season!

Wash with lukewarm water

A long hot shower can feel genuinely restorative after spending some time outdoors but unfortunately hot water strips our skin of the natural oils it creates to self-hydrate. The less hydration your skin has, the more weak and fragile the moisture barrier (the outermost layer of skin that keeps external aggressors out and moisture locked in) becomes, at which point tightness, itchiness, and flakiness can become real issues. When it comes to showering day to day, it’s best to keep water on the lukewarm side to avoid drying out your skin.

Give your skin a clean slate

When skin is dry, the life cycle of skin cells accelerates and dead cells build up faster on the surface of the skin. This build-up can cause the complexion to look dull or, worse, mix with sebum to create a bumpy skin texture and blemishes. Biotherm Biosource Gelée Micellaire is a daily exfoliating cleanser that removes makeup, dirt, and sweat from your skin while exfoliating away dead cells in one step. Just massage it in to damp skin for a few moments and then rinse it off to reveal perfectly cleansed skin with a refined texture!

Focus on healing

Soothe inflammation, heal imperfections, and strengthen the skin barrier-- sounds like a tall order right? Not for Biotherm Life Plankton™ Essence! Formulated with a healing dose of the cosmetic industry’s most powerful regenerating ingredient, thermal Life Plankton™, this innovative face essence absorbs deeply into the skin to work at the cellular level on total skin healing and renewal. Thanks to its effectiveness, skin is newborn within 8 days.

Created to be the first step in any skincare routine, Biotherm Life Plankton™ Essence should be applied directly to freshly cleansed and toned skin. Dispense 3-5 drops into your hands and then gently press it into your skin and neck. Drum your fingertips over the sides of your face to encourage deeper penetration, and then give yourself a circulation-boosting facial massage by pressing your hands into your skin in wave-like motions, working from the chin to the forehead.

Invest in a humidifier

As temperatures drop, so do the humidity levels in the air, causing the moisture in our skin to evaporate more quickly. To counteract the dryness all around us, it’s a good idea to purchase a simple humidifier that can replenish some (though not all) of the moisture in the air and alleviate some of the skin issues that are so common during this time of the year.

Soothe sensitivity caused by dehydration

Dehydrated skin is typically more reactive and sensitive than skin with a healthy moisture barrier, so it’s a good idea to switch your regular moisturizer over to one formulated for sensitive skin types. Biotherm Life Plankton™ Sensitive Emulsion is a creamy, hypoallergenic formula without alcohol, colorant, parabens, mineral oil, or fragrance to soothe and protect your skin in a safe and gentle way.

The comforting fluid smooths over your skin to create a lightweight, invisible shield that helps lock in moisture all day. Following the face essence, apply 3 pumps to your face with both hands, smoothing the emulsion from the center of your face out toward the edges. Then, use your fingertips to trace the orbital bone and press on your temples to stimulate the self-healing process. As the skin barrier is strengthened, smooth, healthy skin is restored.

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