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Feb 3, 2017


Discover how Tara Ocean Foundation works to fight the epidemic of plastic pollution in our ocean

Around nine million tons of plastic waste finds its way into the oceans every year, releasing toxins that are causing harm to the marine wildlife and also reaching humans through the food chain. Fortunately, organizations are on the front line to fight this epidemic, among them Tara Ocean Foundation, a group of sailing scientists that has been leading the battle to preserve our waters since 2003.

Over the past ten years, sailors and scientists from the Tara Ocean Foundation have been roaming the oceans from Antarcticato the Arctic, taking samples and conducting scientific research to better understand our waters and the causes of pollution, and ultimately preserve the ocean. In June 2019, Tara Ocean Foundation started a new expedition, “different” from the previous ones, according to Romain Troublé, a sailor, scientist and the General Manager of the Tara Ocean Foundation: “This year we will sail around Europe for seven months and go up the ten largest rivers and search for sources of ocean plastic. The flux of plastic into the seas. It’s interesting because we know that about 80% of all marine plastic origins from land, but lack knowledge on exactly who’s responsible. We need that information to stop it,” he said.

In addition to looking at where plastic comes from, Tara’s goal is to answer what impact it has on marine biodiversity.

Firmly engaged in the preservation of our ocean, Biotherm has been collaborating with Tara Ocean Foundation since 2017 and has supported their previous expedition in the Pacific where they sailed across eleven time zones, fromthe Panama Canal to Japan and studied some of the most remote islands and coral reefs.

Although funding is key, Romain insisted on the importance of receiving support from partners who share their value sand do their part.

“Biotherm are doing some good things with their Water Lovers platform; rethinking packaging and making sunscreen that’s not affecting the marine environment negatively is a move in the right direction”, explained Romain. Indeed, in 2017, Biotherm developed the Water Lover Sun Milk, its first eco-designed sun care with eco-tested SPF filters and a 95% biodegradable base formula for a lower impact on the water environment.

While we all feel concerned, it is not always easy to make the right choices as a consumer and to know how we can avoid having a negative environmental impact. However, we should keep in mind that small changes today can have a huge impact in the future.

We need all hands on deck –from government to consumers. We must ask questions, learn and continue on this voyage of discovery. We’re all in the same boat after all,” concluded Romain.

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October 02, 2019
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Jan 20, 2017

HIIT Cardio: break out the six pack

Busy schedules combined with the desire for instant results, has placed High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, in the top 3 spots of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends since 2014. If you haven’t gotten on board yet here’s how to start.

Make your workouts more powerful

HIIT alternates short bursts of intense exercise like sprinting, jumping jacks and pushups with short rest periods and moderate to low intensity exercises like jogging or walking. Most HIIT workouts can be done in 30 minutes - some even requiring less than 10 minutes of your time.

This type of training is mainly reserved for people who already have a high fitness level, like athletes, but so long as the person is in good health, nearly anyone can do HIIT. It’s just important to take it slow with one workout per week and then increasing it to three to four times after that. Sure, you want to be shredded, but we doubt you’d like to wind up in crutches!

The key to being a master at HIIT is to give the exercises 110%+ of your effort and to ensure you have proper technique when you perform them. HIIT can be done alone or added to your physical activity of choice, like running, biking, and tennis. Equipment isn’t needed, but kettlebells, dumbbells, and even jump ropes can take your workout to the next level – the choice is totally yours. When HIIT is practiced on a regular basis your metabolism with improve, as well as both energy systems (anaerobic and aerobic).

Tips to HIIT the right way

Pump up your playlists: Music that motivates is important for HIIT workouts – it helps you push yourself and perform better. Before heading out to your first HIIT session, check some playlists out on Spotify or update your own with music that ignites your inner fire.

Amp up your apps: One very important application to add to your phone is a timer for your workouts like Caynax HIIT. It’s a free high intensity interval training timer that will act like your ‘coach’ to let you know when it’s time to switch to the next exercise. Consider downloading apps that also include workouts if you need some ideas on how to get started or how to change up your normal routine.

Insta(nt) Inspiration: Over a million tags exist on Instagram under #hiit. People post photos and videos of their workouts and progress daily. We guarantee the below videos will want you to start HIIT today:

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January 20, 2017
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Feb 10, 2017

The KonMari method could do wonders for your bathroom (and skin)

Here’s how to organize your bathroom, according to the KonMari Method.

Marie Kondo, a charming Japanese woman has been named the ‘Queen of organization’ and a ‘lifestyle guru.’ Her books have inspired people worldwide to want to tidy up their homes, desks, and closets - so much so that it’s earned her a place on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list. We know how busy your schedule is, so chances are a cleaning spree can’t be penciled in, but if there’s one room you should make time to declutter, it’s the bathroom. Let’s break it down.

Organization on the brain

A clean and tidy environment makes you feel at peace and allows you to focus better. It’s even been proven that a tidy desk can lead people to eat healthier, while clutter can actually increase cortisol levels. Don’t buy it? Just take a second to think about how you feel when that stack of dishes keeps piling up in the sink – chances are it stresses you out!

When you start organizing, the first room you should tackle is the bathroom. Why? Well for starters we spend a considerable amount of time there - for some it can be the equivalent of 2 years and 40 days! And second, it’s important to zero in on what products are truly working for you to be able to update or refine your skincare routine.

How to KonMari your bathroom

Detoxing your bathroom is just as important and necessary as a detox you would do for your body. The KonMari Method advises that you gather all of your items by category (in this case your skincare and beauty products and anything else you have stored in the bathroom) and then touch each one individually and determine how it makes you feel. If it #sparksjoy then keep it – if it ignites a negative emotion then toss it.

While you organize (or rather, purge) keep the following points in mind:

-Expired cosmetic products could irritate the skin so make sure to get rid of anything that hasn’t been used in a long time or that’s been open for a while. Many cosmetic products have a little jar icon on the back of them with a number. This means that once you open a product you have that many months to use it (in general, most products are good for 3, 6 or 12 months)

-Toss anything you’ve been stashing away but have never touched, like free samples and gifts. Unless you really think you’ll use something in the next couple months (for example taking some samples with you for a weekend trip away – they’re really great for that) then don’t keep it

-Invest in a few good quality skincare products that make you feel good and that you know you’ll use every day, like face cream, eye cream, and luxurious body lotion

Top tip: Reuse old votive candle holders to store makeup brushes and other vertical items, use hooks for your towels and hot tools to make more space, and use old shoeboxes or beauty boxes you’ve collected over the years to create dividers in your drawers and then arrange your products by category (i.e. skincare, makeup, nailpolish…).

Make your #metime better by staying organized. The KonMari method might just be the key to better skin and a happier life.

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February 10, 2017
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Feb 10, 2017

5 minutes to kick your rear into a higher gear

Think you need to set aside 30 minutes a day to get great glutes? With higher intensity workouts increasing in popularity, all you need is 5. Read on.

Quick tone-up

If you’re looking to tone up your backside, do the routine below three times a week. Do these exercises for 1 minute each and use a stopwatch to track your time. Add weights like 3-pound and 5-pound dumbbells to take the workout to anoher level.

Dancer squats

Stand with your feet hip-wide apart and turn them at a 45-degree angle. Place your hands in front of you or on your hips and then lower yourself down with feet planted firmly on the ground, making sure your knees don’t go over your ankles. When you rise back up, take the exercise a step further by lifting your heels off the ground.

Explosive lunges

Start by stepping your right foot into a forward lunge, with your left knee dropped behind you, towards the floor. Hold the position for three seconds and then switch legs by jumping up into the air and bringing the left leg into a forward lunge. Repeat this sequence until the one minute is up.

Fire hydrant

Kneel down on the ground and place your hands in front of you. Keeping your right knee bended, raise your leg up towards the right side of your body and then bring your leg back to starting position. Repeat 10 times and do the same thing on the left side. Keep switching sides until the stopwatch tells you to do the next exercise.

Leg lifts

Remain in the same position as the fire hydrant and lift your right leg up behind you, knee bended. Flex your foot, and then raise your bended leg towards the ceiling. Do 15 reps and then switch sides. Repeat.

Bridge pose

Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Keep your shoulders and feet flat on the ground and then raise your butt up - hold the position for 10 seconds. Lower back down completely, and repeat 5 times.

No matter how crunched on time you are, 5 minutes is all it takes to get buns of steel.

February 10, 2017
# more beauty
Feb 3, 2017

Guys: follow these 3 steps for the best shave ever

Your shaving technique is probably great – but are you sure you’re doing it right?

The first time you picked up a razor to try to shave was most likely when you were a little kid trying to be just like dad. Now that you’re older and some time has passed, you’ve been able to work on your shaving technique, so we bet you think that it’s perfect by now. And maybe it is. But let’s double–check just in case and review the 3 essential steps:

Prep your skin: Cleanse your skin with BIOTHERM HOMME CLEANSING GEL and hot water to remove impurities and soften the hair - just make sure that the water isn’t too hot because no one needs to be getting any second-degree burns around here. Lather on your shaving cream, foam, or gel of choice and then spread it evenly over your stubble or beard with the help of your fingers or a shaving brush (you know, like the ones you’ve seen at the barber’s). If your skin is sensitive then BIOTHERM HOMME FOAM SHAVER - Specially formulated for sensitive skins - is a great option.

Shave with the grain: Chances are you’ve already discovered what razor works best for you through trial and error, so we won’t give any recommendations on what the top razors currently are. But we would like to remind you that in order to get the closest shave with the fewest nicks and cuts, make sure to shave in the direction of hair growth, using long even strokes, and don’t forget to rinse the blade frequently.

Top tip: The optimal time to shave is in the morning, before breakfast. Eating stimulates microcirculation which can cause micro cuts, and no one wants that!

Soothe and hydrate: Shaving can be irritating, so soothe skin with a splash of cold water to reduce inflammation and close up the pores. Follow-up with a bit of BIOTHERM HOMME AFTER SHAVE BALM or RAZOR BURN ELIMINATOR .

Now that you know how to shave correctly (or at least confirmed something you already knew), don’t forget to continue to take care of your skin and keep your beard clean on the days you aren’t shaving.

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February 03, 2017
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Feb 16, 2017

Stop believing these 4 common myths about face oil

And learn why you actually need them in your life.

Unless you already use a facial oil, you probably have a few preconceived notions about how effective they are and what they can do for your skin. We'd like to bust a few common myths about face oils so that you can understand why they should earn a place in your beauty product arsenal.

Myth 1: Face oils will break me out.


Facial oils get a bad rap. Many people are scared – especially those with oily or mixed skin – to put oil on their face. It seems crazy and counterintuitive, but the truth is that stripping your face of oil (i.e. when you over-cleanse to obtain that “squeaky clean feeling”), is when most breakouts occur. Your sebaceous glands go into overdrive to produce more natural oil, blocking your pores. Facial oil will help repair and protect your skin and can even regulate sebum production!

Myth 2: Face oils will make my face look greasy.


A high-quality face oil will actually absorb into your skin instantly and won’t leave a shiny film. We recommend looking for a cream that contains oil (but isn’t greasy!), like Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil, for added beauty benefits. Now, put those blotting papers back in your drawer, you won’t need them. Well ok, you might need them if the weather is really hot and humid where you are right now, but that’s it!

Myth 3: Facial oils won’t help with wrinkles.


We have good news for you: many actually can! Lots of face oils on the market today contain antioxidants and natural anti-aging ingredients. Biotherm’s new Serum-in-Oil , for example, contains a seaweed extract, Alaria Esculenta that is referred to as “Algae of Youth”. Face oils can smooth wrinkles and make your skin plumper and look more radiant.

Myth 4: Face oils and moisturizers are the same thing.


Wrong! Face oils can actually penetrate deeper than moisturizers. Also, if they contain omega-3s and omega-6s like Biotherm’s new Cream-in-Oil , your skin’s barrier will be protected to help your skin retain more moisture. In one application your skin will be deeply nourished, your wrinkles smoother and you'll have a gorgeous glow.

No matter what your skin type is, your face still needs oil. Invest in the right product, and your facial oil will repair your skin, make it look more youthful and protect it from radicals!

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February 16, 2017
# more beauty
Feb 16, 2017

This is why you should have algae in your anti-aging beauty routine

And on your plate!

You’re already aware that the beach makes you more beautiful. What you may not know, however, is that there’s something that lives deep in the water that can boost your beauty big time: seaweed. Scientifically referred to as micro-algae, over 10,000 different species exist on this Earth, and seaweed was forecasted to be one of the biggest food trends for 2016. It’s also being included in many cosmetic products today, especially anti-aging ones. But why is this, and what makes these sea vegetables so special?

A cocktail of beauty benefits that lies under the sea

Seaweed is extremely nutrient-dense and packed with Vitamins A, B12, C and E. This powerful combination keeps you healthy, fights free radicals, helps with the cell turnover process, and keeps skin firm and younger looking.

One type of seaweed that is found in Greenland’s glacial waters, Alaria Esculenta, has been extensively researched for its anti-aging benefits. It is part of the wakame family, regenerates itself very quickly, can resist extreme conditions, and is known to speed up the anti-aging repair process. Its composition is similar to human skin, so it penetrates quickly and can boost skin metabolism up to 42% or more! It smooths fine lines and wrinkles at an accelerated rate, helping people get their youthful looks back fast!

Where can you find this magical ingredient? As an extract in Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum , or in the newBlue Therapy Serum-in-Oil , where it’s referred to as the “Algae of Youth.” In just one use you’ll start to see visible results. However, include one of these serums in your daily beauty routine on a regular basis, and after one month your skin will feel much firmer, softer, and look more radiant.

How to include seaweed in your diet

Sea vegetables have been a staple in people’s diets for centuries, especially in the Asian culture. While seaweed may have become less popular over the years in the Western diet, many chefs are starting to include it in their menus again. Since your skincare products work even better when you’re nourishing your body with healthy foods, load up on more powerhouse ingredients like seaweed.

You can eat nori rolls, enjoy a wakame salad, or try out this Kelp Noodle Miso Soup recipe. A study also suggests that if you eat enough seaweed, it could help you lose weight!

Kelp Noodle Miso Soup

Who knew that seaweed could be so beneficial for your health and smooth fine lines and wrinkles?

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February 16, 2017
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Feb 14, 2017

Repair your skin fast by adopting this beauty routine, STAT

Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to go the extra mile for your skin.

Only 20% of signs of aging are inevitable. If you want to prevent premature wrinkles and lines from showing up – and erase old ones – it’s important to give your skin the nourishment it needs. Follow the skincare routine below to “SYS” (Save Your Skin)!

Cleanse twice a day: This is especially important if you live in a city and your skin is exposed to pollution all day long. Choose a gentle cleanser that is milk or oil-based to avoid stripping skin of its natural oils.

Use toner: To balance your skin’s pH level and to remove any remaining residue after cleansing.

Finish with oil: Stop believing what you think you know about oils and consider using skincare products that contain them. Biotherm’s new Cream-in-Oil and Serum-in-Oi l are both formulated with therapeutic oils. They are very close to your skin’s own composition, so they will deeply nourish and repair your skin – no matter how dry it is. The luxurious textures are very enjoyable to use, and you’ll see fine lines and wrinkles plump up and smooth away after the first day – could it get better than that? These products might not be magical, but they’re pretty close!

Top tip: According to a study, not getting enough quality sleep can cause premature aging and dryness by breaking down your skin’s barrier function. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of deep, restful sleep to help your skin repair itself.

Start implementing these tips today for renewed, youthful, and radiant skin.

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February 14, 2017

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