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Jan 20, 2017

HIIT Cardio: break out the six pack

Busy schedules combined with the desire for instant results, has placed High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, in the top 3 spots of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends since 2014. If you haven’t gotten on board yet here’s how to start.

Make your workouts more powerful

HIIT alternates short bursts of intense exercise like sprinting, jumping jacks and pushups with short rest periods and moderate to low intensity exercises like jogging or walking. Most HIIT workouts can be done in 30 minutes - some even requiring less than 10 minutes of your time.

This type of training is mainly reserved for people who already have a high fitness level, like athletes, but so long as the person is in good health, nearly anyone can do HIIT. It’s just important to take it slow with one workout per week and then increasing it to three to four times after that. Sure, you want to be shredded, but we doubt you’d like to wind up in crutches!

The key to being a master at HIIT is to give the exercises 110%+ of your effort and to ensure you have proper technique when you perform them. HIIT can be done alone or added to your physical activity of choice, like running, biking, and tennis. Equipment isn’t needed, but kettlebells, dumbbells, and even jump ropes can take your workout to the next level – the choice is totally yours. When HIIT is practiced on a regular basis your metabolism with improve, as well as both energy systems (anaerobic and aerobic).

Tips to HIIT the right way

Pump up your playlists: Music that motivates is important for HIIT workouts – it helps you push yourself and perform better. Before heading out to your first HIIT session, check some playlists out on Spotify or update your own with music that ignites your inner fire.

Amp up your apps: One very important application to add to your phone is a timer for your workouts like Caynax HIIT. It’s a free high intensity interval training timer that will act like your ‘coach’ to let you know when it’s time to switch to the next exercise. Consider downloading apps that also include workouts if you need some ideas on how to get started or how to change up your normal routine.

Insta(nt) Inspiration: Over a million tags exist on Instagram under #hiit. People post photos and videos of their workouts and progress daily. We guarantee the below videos will want you to start HIIT today:

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