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Feb 16, 2016


Discover why bone broth is so good for you and your health.

The paleo world has embraced bone broth with open arms and touted it as a superfood, Instagram has over 100K tags to date for #broth and close to 65K for #bonebroth, celebrities have been drinking it, and even Hippocrates was an advocate of the extraordinary liquid. Although 2015 was ‘the’ year for bone broth, here’s why you should still be drinking it in 2016:

It helps you look younger: Your collagen-plumping cream is powerful of course, but when you add sipping bone broth to your daily beauty routine, your skin gets an extra dose of collagen - perfect for keeping it looking young, firm, and supple. It comes from the bones themselves and is released into the broth as you let them simmer.

It helps you sleep better: An amino acid known as glycine can be found in bone broth which helps calm the nervous system and allows you to wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day.

It can improve the immune system: It’s been a long-known fact that chicken broth can help cure a cold. The amino acid cysteine that’s found in it is an antioxidant – it’s responsible for strengthening the immune system and thinning mucus.

It’s anti-inflammatory: Acne and eczema can be kept under control thanks to the glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, and gelatin found in the broth.

It’s low in calories: A cup of bone broth is always under 100 calories and usually hovers around 60-80. It can also add flavor to different dishes like risotto, without making the dish too rich.

You can make it yourself: Homemade bone broth is best, as store-bought varieties are often laden in salt. It’s very easy to make, and plenty of yummy recipes exist online and in cookbooks like Bouillons (Broth in French) by William Ledeuil, a Michelin-starred chef. However, if you’re not very savvy in the kitchen, try to seek out a local café or restaurant in your area that makes it. If you’re lucky enough to live or visit NYC, Brodo is the place to go. To get the most nutrition out of your bone broth you need to let it simmer on very low heat for a long time – at least 6 hours, but it could take up to 48, so just make sure to plan in advance.

Bone broth might not be glamorous in itself, but if it’s good enough for Salma Hayek it’s good enough for us!

February 16, 2016