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Feb 10, 2017

The KonMari method could do wonders for your bathroom (and skin)

Here’s how to organize your bathroom, according to the KonMari Method.

Marie Kondo, a charming Japanese woman has been named the ‘Queen of organization’ and a ‘lifestyle guru.’ Her books have inspired people worldwide to want to tidy up their homes, desks, and closets - so much so that it’s earned her a place on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list. We know how busy your schedule is, so chances are a cleaning spree can’t be penciled in, but if there’s one room you should make time to declutter, it’s the bathroom. Let’s break it down.

Organization on the brain

A clean and tidy environment makes you feel at peace and allows you to focus better. It’s even been proven that a tidy desk can lead people to eat healthier, while clutter can actually increase cortisol levels. Don’t buy it? Just take a second to think about how you feel when that stack of dishes keeps piling up in the sink – chances are it stresses you out!

When you start organizing, the first room you should tackle is the bathroom. Why? Well for starters we spend a considerable amount of time there - for some it can be the equivalent of 2 years and 40 days! And second, it’s important to zero in on what products are truly working for you to be able to update or refine your skincare routine.

How to KonMari your bathroom

Detoxing your bathroom is just as important and necessary as a detox you would do for your body. The KonMari Method advises that you gather all of your items by category (in this case your skincare and beauty products and anything else you have stored in the bathroom) and then touch each one individually and determine how it makes you feel. If it #sparksjoy then keep it – if it ignites a negative emotion then toss it.

While you organize (or rather, purge) keep the following points in mind:

-Expired cosmetic products could irritate the skin so make sure to get rid of anything that hasn’t been used in a long time or that’s been open for a while. Many cosmetic products have a little jar icon on the back of them with a number. This means that once you open a product you have that many months to use it (in general, most products are good for 3, 6 or 12 months)

-Toss anything you’ve been stashing away but have never touched, like free samples and gifts. Unless you really think you’ll use something in the next couple months (for example taking some samples with you for a weekend trip away – they’re really great for that) then don’t keep it

-Invest in a few good quality skincare products that make you feel good and that you know you’ll use every day, like face cream, eye cream, and luxurious body lotion

Top tip: Reuse old votive candle holders to store makeup brushes and other vertical items, use hooks for your towels and hot tools to make more space, and use old shoeboxes or beauty boxes you’ve collected over the years to create dividers in your drawers and then arrange your products by category (i.e. skincare, makeup, nailpolish…).

Make your #metime better by staying organized. The KonMari method might just be the key to better skin and a happier life.

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