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Feb 4, 2017

What kind of runner are you?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re wonder woman on the track, we’re here to help you discover your running personality.

Research suggests that women are better marathon runners than men (girl power!) and that the number of women participating in long-distance running events is on the rise. Whether you’re just getting into the sport or you’ve already won a few races, everyone has their own unique personality once their feet hit the pavement. Discover yours below!

Someone who we all love to hate…


You manage to look graceful when you run, and the wind blows gently through your hair. Do you remember that famous Baywatch scene where Pamela Anderson jogs down the beach? Yeah, well you’re like her. So basically you’re perfect.

Someone who runs just to impress their partner…


…and then instantly regrets it. You hate running on Sunday mornings, but seeing your significant other get up every single weekend makes you feel guilty so you want to prove to them that you have just as much drive. However once you step outside, most of your brisk jogs turn into a stop at the local bakery and then you often start running…back to your warm bed. It’s okay – we can relate.

Someone who’s just starting out…


You’re determined to succeed and you want to prove to yourself (as well as everyone else) that running is the sport for you – we applaud you! The only thing standing in your way from becoming a champion runner is finding your rhythm. But don’t worry: we know you’ll get there soon.

Someone who doesn’t like to run alone…


Running is fun for you, but only if you can do it with someone else. It makes you want to push yourself harder to prove that you’re not the weakest link and you love the fact that you can catch up on the latest gossip with a friend while you’re out doing something that’s good for you.

Someone who needs to be motivated – a lot…


You’re the type of runner that if you’re promised to be wined and dined, then you suddenly become a star runner and you whiz past everyone on the track – however without any incentive you often choose to do anything but go for a run.

So, what kind of runner are you? Leave a comment on our FB page - we’d love to know!

February 04, 2017