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Mud will do wonders for your skin

Here’s why you should be making mud part of your weekly pampering session.

If you loved playing in the mud as a child, then intuitively you knew how great it was for your skin – even at such a young age. It’s difficult to partake in the fun recreational activity as an adult (well unless you don’t mind getting strange looks), but fortunately there’s still a way you can bring mud back into your life. Enter: mud masks.

How mud helps the skin

Unless you live somewhere deep in the countryside with no factories or cars in site, our skin is exposed to pollution every single day – especially if you’re a city dweller. Over time the toxins and free radicals accumulate, which can cause premature aging and breakouts. Mud helps you combat all of this: it acts like a magnet to draw impurities out of the skin, neutralizes free radicals, and leaves you with a gorgeous radiant complexion.

Choose your mud wisely

So many different types of mud (and clay) exist on Earth that it can be hard to decide which to use. They’re all great in their own way and can do wondrous things for your skin, however we recommend that you choose a mud mask that has Ghassoul clay in it (also known as Rhassoul clay). It won’t cause dryness and contains more silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium than any other clay - a winning combination to give you #healthyskin. Biotherm’s Skin Best Wonder Mud contains this very clay as well as an antioxidant known as an Astaxanthin (an extract from algae) and crushed apricot stone extracts to gently scrub away dead skin cells. After using Skin Best Wonder Mud on a regular basis your skin will look smoother, purified and younger-looking – sounds pretty ideal to us!

How to use mud on a weekly basis

It’s easy to include mud masks in your weekly pampering sessions. After cleansing your skin, blot your face (and your fingers) dry with a towel and then apply your mud mask. Wait a few minutes and then rinse it off. Repeat this routine once or twice a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Show toxins who’s boss by adding mud masks to your beauty arsenal. You’ll be armed and ready to face the city.

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