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Jan 4, 2017

Dry skin brushing: Here’s why you should brush more than your hair

Keep calm and brush on. Learn how to dry brush your skin like a pro.

Alright, so let’s be honest. We know you do your best to moisturize your skin and work out, but when it’s the dead of winter and freezing outside, do you ever find yourself conveniently ‘’forgetting’’ to exfoliate or get to the gym? Do you tell yourself that it’s ok because no one will notice since you’ll be all bundled up in layers of clothing anyway? If you answer yes to this, then consider yourself normal – if you answer no, well then you’re just a superhuman and we applaud you! However whatever type of response you have, if there’s one habit that you should adopt and implement year-round - no matter the temperature outside - it’s dry brushing. It’s fast, it’s inexpensive, and you’ll get glowing skin that you’ll be proud to show off.

The benefits

Dry brushing will make you feel more energetic, boost circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite (yes, really), give you silky smooth skin, and stimulate the lymphatic system to help the body eliminate toxins and keep your immune system functioning well.

How to dry brush

Choose your brush: Choose a body brush with firm and natural vegetable fibers that has a long handle to be able to brush those hard to reach areas like your back. However if you’re super flexible and feel more comfortable with a handheld version, go for it.

Top tip: If you’re new to dry brushing, try to choose a brush that has soft to medium bristles and don’t use it on your face – it’s too rough.

Learn the technique: Use long strokes as you brush upwards, towards the heart – show yourself some love! For more detailed instructions, check out these charts that explain the specific method needed for each part of your body.

Be gentle: As you dry brush your body apply pressure but not too much – remember that your skin is sensitive. A little redness is normal after dry brushing, but if it’s bright red or you broke the skin at all, then you were too rough.

Top tip: Don’t brush over any open cuts or on freshly shaven skin – your skin could get very irritated.

Dry brush in a shower or bath: Before you turn the water on dry brush in your shower or tub. Remember: you’re getting rid of dead skin cells. As unpleasant as that is to think about, you want to be somewhere that’s easy to rinse them away. Take a shower after and then follow up with body cream.

Wash your brush once a week: Just like you wash your towels, it’s important to clean your body brush often with mild soap and hot water on a regular basis. Let it dry completely before using it again, preferably in a sunny area of your home, or outside if you have the space.

Dry brushing will leave your skin – and you – feeling radiant and healthy.

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