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Feb 6, 2017

Is your workout in line with the FITT principles?

Get the most out of your workout by following the F.I.T.T. principles.

Exercising is great, but doing it at your own pace is even better. To reach your goals and get long-lasting results, it’s important to choose a physical activity based on your fitness level and what you hope to achieve through your workouts. To get fit fast follow the FITT principles:

F for Frequency: How often you should work out each week

If you’d like to start seeing results after only a few weeks, it’s recommended to exercise for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week. Create a schedule for yourself where you leave a rest day between each workout (for example: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) and make sure to stretch daily to increase your flexibility and to avoid injury.

I for Intensity: Feel the burn, but not pain

Pushing yourself to perform better is one thing, but hurting yourself is another. Three types of intensity exist: weak, moderate and intense. For cardio workouts it’s important to workout in your target heart rate zone so that you don’t get winded or overexert yourself. For strength training make sure to give your muscles a rest between each exercise. Your workout should make you feel powerful – not in pain!

T for time: How long you should work out for

It’s important to find the perfect balance between working out too much and too little. The amount of effort (intensity) you are putting in is usually more important than the amount of time you exercise for, but in general it’s a good idea to spend 20 minutes doing cardio and around 30-45 minutes strength training per session (rest minutes included).

T for Type: The kind of exercise that’s for you

Trends come and go. Unless there’s a trending workout routine or exercise that really piques your interest, you should try to avoid jumping on the bandwagon and doing the same thing as everyone else. Listen to your body and do sports or activities that you really enjoy, because this is what will help you stay motivated and stick to your fitness goals. However, if possible, try to do something that combine cardio, strength training and flexibility all in one, like pilates or yoga.

Let’s recap: Do a sport or physical activity that is adapted to your fitness level and what you hope to achieve fitness-wise. Don’t set goals that are unrealistic and slowly pump up the intensity level, length of time spent exercising, and how often you go to the gym.

If you follow the FITT principles you’ll feel very accomplished and great about yourself. Not only will it help you #LiveMore, you’ll become #MoreFit in the process.

February 06, 2017