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Feb 3, 2017

Men, guard your skin when you workout

Discover how to take care of your skin before, during and after a workout.

While you’re out sculpting your Greek God-like body at the gym, you often overlook one very important thing: your skin. Have you ever found yourself wondering where those bumps on your back came from? Would you like to get rid of them? Look no further, we’re here to help.

Jump in the shower – twice!

Don’t underestimate the importance of taking a shower before a workout. We can see you now saying to yourself, ‘’Showering beforehand? What’s the point, I’m just going to sweat anyway!’’. Sure you will, but taking this extra step before setting foot in the gym could save you from those pesky imperfections.

Acne can be aggravated or caused by a buildup of impurities that penetrates through your pores when you sweat. Rinsing off before your workout will help avoid this –it’s especially important to focus on washing the face, back and torso, which are sensitive and prone to breakouts.

If you use any gel or wax in your hair then think about washing it as well, or at the very least use a headband or bandana to keep any product residue off your face. Also, if you’d like to impress someone you’ve been seeing at the gym recently, consider bringing a clean towel with you to wick away any sweat. You want others to focus on your toned chiseled muscles, not beads of sweat – right? Right.

Mr. Clean is your new name

We’re sure you’re already aware that gym equipment is a breeding ground for bacteria - you’re not the only one who’s trying to look like Adonis!

It’s very important to clean the machines with spray or antibacterial wet wipes before using them. Be sure to wipe down the areas that people touch the most like the handles and touchscreens. Before doing any floor exercises lay down a towel first.

Top tip: Wear breathable weightlifting gloves during your workouts. They’ll not only protect your hands from any calluses and sweat, they’ll also reduce the direct contact you have with the gym equipment.

Once your workout is done, push yourself and do one last sprint… to the shower!

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