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Feb 9, 2017

5 Instagram runners that will make you want to put your sneakers on

If you’re not a runner already, these people are about to change your life. With over 20,000 posts tagged under #runspo on Instagram, the once solitary sport is today shared by millions.

Below are five of the most inspirational runners to follow on Instagram:

Liza Maman // 73.1K // For the urban-dwellers

Account: @lizamaman

Why follow her: A fitness trainer based in Tel Aviv that shares gorgeous shots of herself running and working out coupled with a motivational quote, mantra, or tip. You’ll want to keep coming back to see what she posts next.

Anne Dubndidu // 53.5k // For the globetrotters

Account: @annedubndidu

Why follow her: Her running locations will give you serious wanderlust and make you want to jump into the photos to go on the runs with her – the cute cat pictures don’t hurt either.

Zanna van Dijk // 70K // For the wannabe runners

Account: @zannavandijk

Why follow her: Blogger, trainer and model, currently living in the UK. She’s not a “runner” in the traditional sense, but she recently pushed herself to run a marathon, proving that anyone is capable of reaching a goal if they set their mind to it. Her uplifting, light-hearted posts are sure to make you smile.

Finn Vogler // 36.1K // For the nature lovers

Account: @finnrunner

Why follow him: His account is chock-full of breathtaking nature shots that will make you want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Scott Jurek // 84K // For the risk takers

Account: @scottjurek

Why follow him: A true adventurer at heart, he posts gorgeous scenic shots of his impressive runs and hikes. His posts are inspiring and he is the ultimate ultrarunner.

These Instagrammers will give you the motivation you need to reach the finish line.

February 09, 2017