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Feb 5, 2017

Secrets to a supermodel glow

Ever wonder how supermodels always seem to have perfect skin? We have the answers!

You may not be walking the runways in New York or Paris, but you don’t need to be a supermodel to have beautiful glowing skin. We’re going to let you in on a few of their skincare secrets, and before you know it all eyes will be on your gorgeous self!

Remove all makeup – thoroughly: Models are gorgeous with or without makeup, but they still need to wear a lot of it for their jobs. To keep their skin squeaky clean and ensure that they get every last bit of it off, they do a double cleanse before bed. First they use , then a cleanser and finally a toner to remove any remaining residue.

Massage and moisturize: Skin is at its happiest when it’s well-hydrated and moisturized. Models know this so they drink lots of water throughout the day and they use creams that really hydrate their skin and help it recover. To boost circulation (which, by the way helps reduce cellulite!) they give themselves mini massages when they apply their creams. They also don’t forget to moisturize other parts of the body that can be overlooked, like the feet – they support us and our busy lives every day, so they deserve a little extra attention from time to time!

Exfoliation: To avoid dry scaly skin supermodels exfoliate their bodies, faces and lips regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and keep skin silky smooth, even when it’s not beach weather. Wanting to look and feel gorgeous should be reason enough to pamper oneself after all - right?

SPF protection: One important tip for glowing youthful looking skin is to wear sunscreen every day. Our model friends remember to slather it on often and even reapply or do touchups during the day.

Keep active: Models work out regularly to not only stay in shape but to flush toxins out (take that impurities!) and to get their heart rate up.

Insider tip: If you thought that models were only into yoga or pilates, think again. A lot of them are also into boxing which gives them (and their skin) a great workout!

Final tip: Now you know how to have glowing skin on the outside, but never forget to work on your inner glow by embracing who you are and loving yourself. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence – it makes you truly radiant.

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