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Feb 10, 2017

Traveling beauty: Do you know how much water you lose during a Paris-NYC flight?

Does your skin ever feel dry when you fly? Follow our advice on how to keep it well-hydrated.

You wouldn’t believe us if we told you that the humidity level in a plane is less than that of a desert, would you? Well the World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that it’s generally less than 20% - that’s 5% lower than the humidity level in the Sahara desert, and 10% less than in your home! But have no fear, we’re here to tell you how you can still stay well-hydrated on your next flight. Read on.

Paris – NYC: 1 liter of water lost

Airplane air is so dry that you can lose up to 1 liter of water during a Paris-New York flight. It evaporates through your pores, leaving you feeling parched and causing discomfort to the eyes, mouth, and nose.

Combat it: By applying face cream before and during the flight, moisturizing the nasal passages with saline solution and if possible, wearing glasses instead of contacts.

Feeling a little thirsty?

Though your skin may be affected by the plane’s low humidity, according to the WHO it most likely won’t cause internal dehydration. If you do feel thirsty it’s highly probable that it’s due to something else.

Combat it: By staying well hydrated during the flight (in other words: drink lots of water!) and by limiting your intake of diuretics like alcohol and coffee during your flight, which can cause internal dehydration.

Your in-flight beauty survival kit

Before your flight, don’t forget to pack the following beauty essentials to save both your skin and your trip! Put a hydrating face cream , eye serum , hand cream and either a mineral water spray or an ‘eau vitaminée ’ in your bag to keep skin well-hydrated.

Now that you know how to keep your skin happy during your flight, you’re ready for take-off!

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