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Feb 1, 2017

Athleisure: sportswear is the new chic

The athleisure trend caters to the public’s undeniable love for leggings and sports bras and lets people wear them wherever they want, when they want.

Thanks to fashion designers who are creating their own lines of workout clothes and Beyoncé’s recent launch of Ivy Park (yeah, our Instagram feeds have been flooded with #ivypark posts too), the athleisure trend is not going anywhere anytime soon and it’s (finally!) made wearing yoga pants to the grocery store cool.

Athleisure, bringing the gym to the street

Athleisure clothing is athletic leisure. The clothes are meant to be comfortable enough to be worn to Zumba or a Buti Yoga class and yet be stylish enough to leave on for a coffee date with a friend right after – no need to change! The term was first spotted in 1976, and the trend has become so popular that athleisure is getting its very own entry in the Merriam-Webster dictionary this year. The trick to pulling off this style is to choose athletic pieces that are unique and detailed (think patterned leggings, lace tanks, flowy t-shirts) and then adding streetwear accessories like a handbag, boots, flats, or even a shawl to help the outfit transition seamlessly from a gym session to shopping at the mall (which can be a workout in itself!). Check out some of the looks below for inspiration:

Fitness is becoming part of our everyday lives

The athleisure trend hasn’t been successful solely because the clothes are comfortable – athleisure goes beyond that: it represents a lifestyle. Gym memberships are growing each year as more and more people are becoming interested in fitness, health and wellness and finding ways to squeeze workouts into their busy schedules.

However athletes and fitness buffs aren’t the only ones who are rocking the athleisure style. According to the theory enclothed cognition, simply wearing athletic clothes can give a person motivation to work out and feel healthier. And the first step towards being fit is feeling like it – maybe the athleisure trend is onto something after all!

Athleisure is a stylish way of helping people become #morefit and we’re glad the trend is here to stay!

February 01, 2017