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Feb 3, 2017

Not just for kids: Why chocolate milk is a great post-workout snack

Reward your body after a hard workout with…chocolate milk!

Do you remember how satisfying a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk was when you were a kid? Don’t you miss it? Well we’ve got good news: you can bring it back! It’s one of the best post-workout drinks, and over 20 studies have been conducted to prove how beneficial it is for your body. Here’s why you should consider ditching the protein shakes and reach for a cup of chocolatey goodness instead.

Recover like an athlete

In 2013 the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) launched a campaign called Built with Chocolate Milk to encourage adults to drink more chocolate milk. The campaign is still going strong and features pro athletes who choose the beverage as one of their top drinks of choice after a strenuous workout.

Chocolate milk is packed full of electrolytes (which help avoid muscle cramps after working out) as well as vitamins and nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A, D and B. It’s also the perfect balance between carbs and protein, and so long as it’s drunk within two hours after exercising, the carbs will replenish the energy you lost and the protein will help with muscle recovery.

Milk or no milk? That is the question…

An ongoing debate is whether or not chocolate milk needs to be prepared with traditional cow’s milk to provide the most post-workout benefits. In today’s society more people are lactose-intolerant or trying to cut dairy out of their diets, so nut milks are a great option – however, if you’re not allergic to milk, then you can prepare your chocolate milk with low-fat regular milk, and then substitute it with an alternative once in a while to change things up and experiment with different tastes.

Easy to make, more enjoyable to drink!

Your body deserves to be rewarded after a difficult run or power yoga class, and chocolate milk can do just that. It’s enjoyable to drink, inexpensive to make, and it’s a tasty treat. It’s fairly low in calories with only 120-200 calories per glass, and it will leave you feeling satisfied (a.k.a. your ravenous hunger will be quelled after your workout and you won’t feel like you need to over-indulge).

Now that you have the knowledge that chocolate milk is actually good for you (well okay, maybe not 4 glasses of it in a row…), you shouldn’t feel guilty in the slightest bit next time you crave it. However, like with most things, homemade is always better. Check out this recipe for inspiration:

Feel stronger and happier after your workout, all thanks to chocolate milk!

February 03, 2017