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Feb 5, 2017

Here’s why your Instagram feed is full of bowls

The bowl trend is on the rise. Read on for why.

Move over sandwiches. People have a new lunch favorite now and it’s all about #bowlfood, like the #powerbowl and #buddhabowl. More filling than a salad, loaded in goodness, and completely customizable, meals in a bowl are growing in popularity by the day, making it a 2016 health trend to watch out for. But what’s all the hype about? Let’s investigate.

Mind over food

Eating is a sensory experience and the colors of your plates, bowls and even cutlery can affect how your mind perceives a meal. Size is also a very important factor: The Delboeuf Illusion explains that if you serve the same portion of food on a small plate and on a large plate, the smaller plate will look like it has more food.

Eating food out of a bowl may not be a new concept, but it’s starting to become ‘’the’’ thing to do thanks to the health conscious and cafés like Inday and Sweetgreen (both located in the United States) who are bringing it to people’s attention more. And if you follow any foodies or food bloggers on Instagram, then chances are you’ve been seeing lots of images of bowls popping up over the last few months, like the infamous #acaibowl or #smoothiebowl that instantly make you crave a healthy breakfast.

The appeal of bowls

They’re comforting: When food is served in a bowl you feel more connected to it – you can hold it, bring it close to you and even feel its weight and temperature. Food looks better: You already know that Instagram is making you healthier – it makes you want to be #morefit and eat better. A lot of Instagrammers have started to photograph their meals in bowls, because it’s very visually appealing and creates a sort of ‘frame’ for the food. Just take a look at the image below if you don’t believe us – it really makes you want to jump into the picture and dig in!

They’re versatile and fast: You can customize your bowl with whatever you want and make your own version of the perfect #buddhabowl. All you need to do is meal prep over the weekend and then you can mix and match the different veggies, grains, proteins, and sauces all week long, depending on your mood.

They’re adapted to our busy lives: We often find ourselves on the go, or in front of a computer or TV screen while we eat (sure it’s not good for us, but it can just be so tempting to turn on The Bachelor after work and see who gets eliminated next…). The bowl is the perfect container for your meal as it’s easy to grab onto and there’s less risk of your food spilling – unless you live with a curious cat who knocks it over onto the carpet when you’re not looking!

They help with portion sizes: So long as your bowl is not oversized, bowls can help give you the right balance of protein, vegetable and grains all in one meal.

Top tip: Play around with different textures (i.e. roasted and raw vegetables, chickpeas, tofu, pumpkin seeds…) to make your bowl extra satisfying. And make sure to choose ingredients that will benefit your skin like sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and avocadoes.

Eating food out of a bowl is comforting, delicious and healthy. And we can almost bet that you’re going to go on Instagram right now (if you’re not already checking out all of the beautiful bowl pictures) for inspiration for your next meal.

February 05, 2017