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Feb 2, 2017

4 fitness myths debunked

Now you can exercise the way you want to.

Exercising can be a lot of fun, but isn’t it frustrating when you’re told that you “have” to work out a certain way? The good news is that you can ignore many of those rules – below you’ll find four examples.

“Don’t eat breakfast before a workout”

Your body needs fuel, so it’s actually important to eat something before you hit the gym. Just keep it light – plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt with a banana is great.

‘’No pain, no gain’’

Exercising can cause discomfort (which is normal), but if it hurts –stop! Pushing yourself in workouts is fine, but never do it to the point where you could potentially injure yourself.

“You have to ‘rest’ on rest days”

Rest days are different for everyone. Some people prefer to sit and watch Netflix all day, while others need to keep moving. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll be happy to know that doing some light physical activity like restorative yoga or going for a walk in the park is actually okay – just don’t do a full workout because your body does need to recover.

‘’You should never do a workout at night”

Contrary to popular belief, exercising at night won’t affect your quality of sleep, according to research. We don’t recommend that you work out right before bedtime, but now you can be certain that going for a run to blow off steam after work is totally fine – phew!

As long as you take the right precautions, never feel obligated to exercise the same way as everyone else – you’ll enjoy your workouts a lot more!

February 02, 2017