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Feb 9, 2017

Get glowing with a healthy breakfast

Start your morning off in a healthy way with these wholesome recipe ideas to have glowing skin all day.

What you eat in the morning can set the tone for the rest of your day - if you start it healthy then chances are you’ll continue to eat well. Since you deserve only the best, and you probably don’t have time to log into Instagram and comb through more than 40 million #breakfast posts, a million #healthybreakfast posts and over 30,000 #breakinspo ideas - we did it for you (yes, we love you that much). Whether you have a sweet tooth, prefer savory things, or are more of a brunch person, we’ve picked a variety of recipes that are sure to make your mouth water and give you beautiful radiant skin.

Chia seed pudding

This chia seed pudding with mango purée is easy to make, fun to eat and you can even prepare it the night before. When you open the fridge in the morning its bright colors will bring a smile to your face. Blue straws are optional but we think they are a nice added touch!

Eat your way healthy: This pudding should be called ‘’magical anti-aging pudding’’ thanks to the omega-3 and omega-6 from the chia seeds and the high amounts of Vitamin C found in the mangoes. You’ll keep those wrinkles where they belong – far away from you!

Avocado toast

If you haven’t tried avocado toast yet, you’re really missing out. It’s so versatile and can be easily tweaked to your own personal tastes. All you need to do is choose a bread base (gluten-free, seeded bread like @k_a_t_h_r_i_n uses, whole wheat, rye…) and then slice up some avocado and layer it on top. You can leave it as is, or add additional toppings like cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, or even an egg. One of our personal favorites is to add a very tiny pinch of cayenne pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice, some freshly cracked black pepper and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Eat your way healthy: Avocados help stimulate collagen production and are full of antioxidants. They help with digestion and can help stabilize blood sugar, making it a wonderful way to start the morning.

Smoothie bowls

Smoothie bowls are thicker than your typical smoothie, and instead of drinking it you eat it with a spoon. Many people make ‘nice cream’ to make their breakfast bowl feel extra indulgent and then add in superfoods like maca powder, or chia seeds. To make nice cream all you need to do is freeze your fruit of choice (the most common one is bananas - just don’t forget to remove the peels first!) and then blend it up in a high-powered blender – it really can’t get any simpler than that. If you’re having trouble blending your fruit, add a tiny bit of liquid like almond milk to help things along.

Eat your way healthy: This smoothie bowl from @gatherandfeast has pomegranates in it, blueberries, and bananas which will give you lots of Vitamin C to get an energetic kick (and anti-aging one!) first thing in the morning – who needs caffeine?


We recommend reserving this recipe for weekend brunch since it takes some time to prepare, but it is so yummy and is definitely a well-deserved treat after a hard week at work. Pancakes aren’t necessarily viewed as healthy since they’re often prepared with lots of butter and sugar, but @georgeats found a way to make these tiny ‘cakes’ wholesome but still so scrumptious!

Eat your way healthy: The pumpkin in the recipe is full of antioxidants which help fight free radicals, and the Vitamin A and C in it has anti-aging benefits to help boost collagen production.

Breakfast can give you beautiful glowing skin and can now be your most delicious meal of the day with these recipes.

February 09, 2017