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Feb 17, 2017

A sports massage will get you working out more

Learn how to train better with insider advice from Dr. Lebar, a sports medicine doctor and nutritionist.

We all want to be healthier, stronger, and #morefit. However, according to Dr. Lebar in order to keep your body in top shape and exercise better, there are certain things that need to be done:

Mix things up

Dr. Lebar explains that ‘’an athlete needs to find the right equilibrium between doing a physical activity (i.e. training, competition) and rest. Psychological fatigue is a real thing and can set in if the same efforts are repeated too often. Additionally, the human musculoskeletal system needs to repair itself regularly – even if no physical pain is felt.’’ Vary the workouts you do to keep your brain stimulated and to work out all of your muscles.

Book a sports massage

In order to give your body proper rest and relaxation, scheduling some off days is a solution, but sports massages are great for fast recovery. Over 200 types of massages exist, but Dr. Lebar points out that ‘’sports massages are not the same as other kinds of massages, as they have a different end result.” They’re ideal for athletes because they can help retrain muscles and prevent chronic pain.

If you get them on a regular basis they can:

Improve flexibility: Flexibility is very important to help you perform and train better. When you’re flexible you can move your body more easily and in different directions.

Improve circulation: When your muscles have a constant supply of oxygen and the appropriate nutrients are carried throughout your body, your muscles are able to heal faster, allowing you to work out more. And the cherry on top? Increased circulation coupled with regular massages can help blast cellulite as well!

Improve sleep: A good night’s rest is needed after a hard workout so that the body is able to properly repair itself. A sports massage can help you relax and reduce muscle pain, which lets you sleep better and be more prepared on both a psychological and physical level for your next gym session.

However, as beneficial as sports massages can be, Dr. Lebar says that ‘’Technique varies from one massage therapist to another so it’s important for an athlete to choose someone based on the way the massage feels overall.’’ If you emerge relaxed and you feel relief in your muscles, chances are the massage therapist is a good fit. And the more often you go to the same person, the better they will get to know you and your body, and truly understand what it needs.

Be a better athlete by relaxing your mind and your body with a sports massage.

February 17, 2017