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Jan 18, 2017

Amanda Bisk is our #fitspiration

Get a fit mind and body in only 12 weeks with Amanda Bisk’s FBFM program.

Amanda Bisk, former Australian pole vaulter and Biotherm’s fitness expert believes that a fit body and mind go hand in hand. She’s passionate about challenging herself and pushing her limits, but never ‘’punishing’’ her body. She’s developed a 12-week program called ‘Fresh Body Fit Mind’ (abbreviated as FBFM) to share her fitness knowledge with the world and to encourage people to work out. She’s had a lot of success with it and her FBFM family - as she calls it - has grown over the years. Amanda currently has over 500k followers on Instagram and over 16,000 posts with her tag #freshbodyfitmind – pretty impressive if you ask us!

How it works

Lots of workout programs exist, but what makes Amanda’s different from the rest is that she stresses the importance of doing it at your own pace and listening to your body, rather than trying to follow what she does ‘perfectly’ or feeling like you have to stick to a regimented workout schedule. She wants you to find ways to fit her guide into your own daily life, making it much easier to stick to the program for the full 12 weeks.

Get the guide: Amanda sells her guide on her website and offers a free 7-day pre-training guide so that you can get a feel for the program and prepare yourself mentally and physically for what lies ahead.

Check your fitness level: A checklist is included in the free pre-training guide that asks you to evaluate your fitness level to determine if you’re ready to go ahead with the program. If you are, then you have the green light to work out to your little heart’s desire, but if you’re not, then you have a bit of prep work to do first. Definitely don’t brush the checklist off as something that isn’t important - exercise injuries are never fun!

Set aside 40 minutes a day: Amanda designed the FBFM program around a unique training method that she developed herself (which was also scientifically proven) – you’re encouraged to work out in short 20-minute intervals, once in the morning and once in the evening to have a double dose of fitness each day. This not only gives your metabolism a major boost, it keeps you motivated to continue the workouts. And the cherry on top? You barely need any fitness equipment at all, apart from a stop watch and a bit of space to do the exercises.

Find a special activity: On the sixth day you’re meant to do a physical activity of your choice, like hiking, tennis, or even a brisk walk around the neighborhood. As long as you get out and move your body, you’re good to go!

Do something positive every day: Amanda believes that the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle and to reach your fitness goals is to take baby steps and do something small for yourself on a regular basis. This could be a healthy meal, a bit of meditation, a jog around the park with your dog… just do whatever makes you feel good and don’t do anything just because you want to impress someone else. This workout is about you after all, so it’s important to find things that put a smile on your face!

Amanda Bisk is a true fitspiration not only for the program she’s developed, but for her view on life. She believes that if you really want something, you can achieve it, all you need to do is have a Fit Mind, and the Fresh Body will follow.

Are you excited to work out now and complete the Fresh Body Fit Mind program? We definitely are!

January 18, 2017