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Jun 17, 2016

Adult coloring books could be one of the best ways to fight stress

Thought coloring was just for kids? Not so fast.

We all look for ways to escape our hectic lives – some of us do this by going to the gym, long walks, or cooking. But what if one of the best ways to disconnect and de-stress was to reconnect with your inner child and… color? Not convinced?

It’s an active form of meditation: If you’ve never been able to zen out through yoga or breathing meditations then maybe coloring is the answer. It keeps your hands busy (like knitting) but also focuses your mind on the task in front of you.

It lets you take a break from technology: Unless you’re one of those people who can “Netflix and color” at the same time, coloring lets you shut off your electronic devices and forget about your e-mails and other obligations you view as pressing – even if it’s only for ten minutes. We’re such a connected society that even a few minutes can make a huge difference. And the more you disconnect from technology on a regular basis, the more natural it will be for you to do even when you’re not coloring!

It’s satisfying: It usually only takes a few hours – maximum – to color in a page of an adult coloring book. The fact that someone can complete a task in such a short amount of time and have a beautiful end result gives them a real sense of accomplishment.

It’s been used as a form of relaxation since the 20th century: The psychologist Carl Jung was known to use mandalas in his sessions to help his patients be able to relax and express themselves more freely. Mandalas are a common design found in many adult coloring books today, proving that they really can help you de-stress.

Color away your stress and feel free – just like a little kid again.

June 17, 2016