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Jun 22, 2016

Start standing at work to be more productive

If you move more during the workday you’ll feel more accomplished. Here’s why.

Take a minute to observe where you are right now. Chances are you’re in a chair or lying down, considering the majority of the population spends close to 8 hours a day sitting (if you’d like to calculate your own average, use this handy tool). One way to get on your feet more – and increase your concentration at work – is to work while standing up.


According to a study conducted by the Draugiem Group, using standing desks at work can increase productivity by 10%. It’s also been proven that standing is better for your health than sitting, so more and more companies – including Facebook and Google – have allowed their employees the option of using standing desks.


While we think it’s a great idea to stand while working, it can get a little bit awkward if all of your co-workers are sitting (well, unless you love having attention on you all day, every day!). A great option would be to take your laptop to your office’s break room instead (so long as it has a high table) and work standing up there, for a couple hours a day. If that’s not possible, then it’s advised to stand up every 20 minutes and move around – take a break to get some water or tea or to ask a colleague a question. Not only will this force you to concentrate more and stay on task to get your work done faster (since you will be working in 20-minute intervals), it will help you exercise at work as well, by getting up often.

Standing at work will allow you to get more done in the workday and stay in shape. We bet that tomorrow you’ll find yourself getting up a lot more throughout the day!

June 22, 2016