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3 healing herbs you need in your life, stat

Herbs have been keeping people healthy for centuries. Here are three to include in your diet in 2016.

Sometimes the best medicine comes from Mother Nature herself. Spices like cinnamon, and herbs like basil and cilantro can do wonders for your skin and health. Below are three herbs you’ve probably never heard of before but should be stocking your kitchen with. They will tantalize your taste buds (foodies, take note!) and help you feel great – naturally.


What it is: Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. It helps with digestion, reduces inflammation, flushes out toxins, and can protect your skin from free radicals.

How to use it: Amla is often sold in powdered form, and can be added to smoothies, your morning oatmeal, or even to a glass of water. Some people report that the taste can be a bit sour or tart, so we recommend that you mix a tablespoon (or two) of natural sweetener with amla, like honey or maple syrup.


What it is: Ashwagandha is a plant that is part of the tomato family and the berry and root are typically used for medicinal purposes. Like amla, you can buy it in powdered form. If taken on a regular basis it can reduce stress and anxiety.

How to use it: Ashwagandha has a slight caramel flavor. Add a teaspoon of it to a warm mug of milk (we particularly like oat or almond milk) and enjoy it as an after-dinner treat to help you relax and unwind before bedtime.


What it is: Borage is a flowering plant that is a great source of essential fatty-acids and nutrients like calcium, iron and B-vitamins – the combination can give you healthy hair, skin and nails. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used to take borage before battle because they believed it gave them more confidence. Most people grow the plant in their own gardens, although you can also usually find it at your local farmer’s market during the summer.

How to use it: Borage tastes a bit like cucumber. Put it in summer salads or enjoy it as a delicious refreshing drink: Fill a pitcher with water, add borage, fresh mint, some lemon slices, and lots of ice.

Going back to your roots and using herbs as a way to stay healthy is simple and will give you gorgeous radiant skin. However, while we believe these herbs can be very beneficial for most people without any side effects, it’s important to speak to your doctor first, because some herbs cannot be combined with modern medication.