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Jul 20, 2016

4 fitness habits to adopt before turning 30

Do you future self a favor. Start doing these four things today.

Just like establishing the right skincare routine early on, forming good fitness habits in your twenties will make it easier to #stayfit later on in life. If you’re not already doing the four things below, make sure to add them to your exercise routine today – it’s not too late!

Stretch daily: Flexible muscles not only help you exercise better, they also help avoid injury. Stretch before and after your workouts, and add in some weekly yoga classes to improve your flexibility.

Hydrate: It’s important to hydrate before, during, and after you exercise. A study has shown that drinking enough water could boost your metabolism by 30% (be right back, we’d like to fill up our water bottles now…)! And don’t forget to apply body cream after your workouts to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

Change it up: Doing the same workout every time you exercise can get boring and will only work certain muscle groups. Keep things interesting - and get in even better shape - by trying out new fitness classes or sports. Your body will thank you!

Set reasonable goals: Ruth Frechman, registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of the weight loss program “On the Weigh” says that people often put fitness to the side because of their busy schedules. She recommends scheduling exercise into your day by doing the activities you love and starting slow (10 minutes a day each week, then 20, then 30…). Set a goal for yourself each week and keep a journal of the physical activity you did over the seven days in order to monitor your progress.

Establish good fitness habits now so that you can have a rockin’ bod for life.

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