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Jun 15, 2016

UEFA Euro 2016: Train like a soccer player

Stop comparing yourself to the guys you see on the screen and start working out like them instead.

In honor of the UEFA Euro 2016 we’d like to reveal to you, our dedicated #LIVEMORE readers, how soccer players train. Soccer, football, whatever you call it, soccer players are in amazing shape. They need to have exceptional strength, stamina, and power to be able to last on the field for 90 minutes. Start doing the exercises below and you’ll be one step closer of being a worthy opponent of David Beckham himself.


If you’ve ever wondered how soccer players are so quick it’s because they do a lot of plyometric exercises, or “jump training”. Some examples are agility ladder drills, sprints, and jump running.

Top tip: Always do a quick warmup before doing any of these exercises, and do them before working on your endurance so that your muscles aren’t fatigued.


In order to keep their energy levels up for long matches, soccer players do interval training (HIIT is a favorite), and circuit training. To avoid injury and to be able to continue with their intensive workouts they also do lots of stretching – even yoga!


Balance is key to be able to start, stop, and turn quickly, without falling over. Balance starts with a strong core, so soccer player do lots of planks and leg raises during their workouts to strengthen it.

These exercises will help you be ready for kickoff. Just don’t forget to fuel up and refuel accordingly, for maximum strength.

June 15, 2016