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Jul 25, 2016

These are the 20 most popular foods on Instagram

The results may surprise you.

Instagram has made it commonplace for us to add hashtags to the foods we eat, and post pretty pictures of our culinary creations for the world to see. With 500 million active users on the social network it can be hard to know what is popular when it comes to food, and what is passé. The UK professional chef equipment supplier Sous Vide Tools did some digging and discovered that while food trends appear to reign supreme, it’s actually simple dishes, like pizza (over 19 million posts) and pasta (over 7 million posts) that come up with the most hashtags. This is most likely due to the fact that these foods can be enjoyed in so many different ways, like #veganbacon or pasta made out of zucchini, called #zoodles. Check out the infographic by Sous Vide Tools for the rest of the results.

© Sousvidetools.com
© Sousvidetools.com

What do you think the most popular dishes will be next year? While we can’t see the future, something tells us we’ll be seeing poke on the list and even lentils…

July 25, 2016