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Life Plankton™ Essence 101: how to get the most from Biotherm’s most regenerative product

Keep reading to get the A to Z of Biotherm’s #1 ingredient in its most powerful form yet

After more than 10 papers, 16 patents and a colossal 27 years of research – all in the face of a one in a million chance of discover (literally!) – Biotherm has triumphed in presenting to you its most regenerative product yet: Life Plankton™ Essence . Being the only bacteria to have a lipid structure with a high affinity to skin membranes and containing 35 skin-beautifying nutrients, proteins, vitamins and amino acids (to name just a few), it is the skin essential that should undoubtedly sit at the top of your beauty product wish list. Today, discover all you need to know about this skincare elixir to gain maximum results!

A highly concentrated imperfection healer in five ways

Life Plankton™ Essence signifies a scientific feat. Reproducing every six months in its natural environment, Biotherm is the only brand that has managed to develop technology to skyrocket its reproduction rate to every six hours. This is what has enabled scientists to bottle Life Plankton™ at a concentration of 5%: its highest level yet.

Thanks to its high compatibility with skin cells, Life Plankton™ Essence regenerates skin from five angles: it skyrockets keratin production, soothes discomfort and redness, fends off deterioration of the epidermis, stimulates defense against free radicals and regulates the skin’s alert system against external aggressions . For us regular folk, this translates into key markers of youthful and healthy skin, notably boosted brightness, uniformity, smoothness and elasticity – in sum, all the good stuff. It seems like the more fitting question is what can’t it do?

How to optimally use Life Plankton™ Essence

Very handily, this skincare superhero was designed to fill the place of step 0 in any beauty routine. This means no substituting, nor amending your skincare arsenal to ensure product harmony; it’s simply an additional and seamless step in your regimen that you’ll soon consider as indispensable! As light as water but as powerful as a serum, the product glides effortlessly onto the skin and is absorbed within seconds, making for a very easy application.

Step 1: Every morning and evening, dab onto the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck.

Step 2: With both hands, tap with your fingertips like falling rain all over the face and neck.

Step 3: Put another two drops on fingers of each hand and apply on areas where the skin is particularly dry, red or irritated. It is advised to do this in figures of eight, in order to help the serum to fully penetrate the skin.

Step 4: Finish with “wave” movements to evenly distribute the product all over your profile, working from the inside-out. Make sure you don’t neglect your neck!

Go one step further…

For sensitive skin: If your skin is particularly sensitive, then try Life Plankton™ Sensitive Emulsion : infused at the highest level of Life Plankton™, Sensitive Emulsion makes skin stronger day after day to protect it from external aggressions. Over time, your skin becomes much less reactive! You can also try Life Plankton™ Mask for a richer, more intense treatment.

For dry skin: If hydration is your goal, use Life Plankton™ Essence alongside Aquasource Gel , which envelops your skin in continuous hydration for 48 hours. This moisturizing dual action will be sure to banish any persistent flakiness.

For aging skin: Blue Therapy SPF 15 is a triple threat when it comes to those tell-tale signs of aging, fighting sagging, wrinkles and dark spots. Therefore, apply this product after Life Plankton™ Essence to beautify your skin and shave off those unwanted years!

Use Life Plankton™ Essence as the base of your skincare routine (alongside other complementary products) and enjoy youthful, glowing skin like you’ve never known before. We promise you’ll never look back to your pre-serum regimen days!

Facial Essence Suitable for All Skin Types
$ 79.00
Intense Repair Mask, Radiance Reignited, Bounce Recreated, Soothing
$ 69.00
Fundamental Hydrating Care , Soothes And Reinforces formulated for sensitive skin
$ 62.00