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Skin Fitness: What’s new in my sports bag BY MITSOU GÉLINAS

I never travel light, even when I go to the gym. I like to have everything at my fingertips: my creams, my makeup, my hair styling products. This spring, I can almost do weightlifting with my sports bag, because three new essential products for women on the go have been added to my routine: Firming & Recovery Body Emulsion , the Purifying & Cleaning Body Foam and theInstant Smoothing & Moisturizing Body Treatment , all from the new Biotherm Skin Fitness range.

Launch of the Skin Fitness range at Spa Le Saint-Jude
Launch of the Skin Fitness range at Spa Le Saint-Jude

Think about it: moisturizing and refreshing products for the body developed specifically for after your workout… that don’t smell like tiger balm! It is surprising that so few major brands focus on such an important part of our lives—physical activity. The thought of having these tubes on the bathroom shelf could even be considered an incentive!



The Skin Fitness range is designed to gently clean, hydrate and replenish the skin of sportswomen, which is often dryer and rougher for three reasons:

1. It is more exposed to UV rays, the cold, wind, chlorine, and so on, which reduces its natural protection;
2. It is more exposed to hot water, which dries out the skin;
3. It is subject to more friction, which causes dryness.

The Purifying & Cleaning Body Foam has two actions. First, it removes sweat, salt and bacteria that can clog pores. Then spirulina extracts re-energize the skin. After my workout, I apply the Firming & Recovery Body Emulsion with camphor that restores the electrolytes to my skin that were lost during physical activity because it contains sodium and magnesium. This is something I really enjoy because I take the time to massage the emulsion thoroughly (especially on my elbow and shoulder, which are sore at the moment), which relaxes my muscles at the same time. The range also includes the Instant Smoothing & Moisturizing Body Treatment , which is very fresh and is used morning and night on the entire body to moisturize, firm and smooth the skin. Caution: Hide your products from your partner—he will also want to use them!


Whether I am doing winter sports, circuits and Pilates with Sonia Renaud, jogging with my girlfriends or on my own, or doing yoga with my iPad or with my friend Nathalie Salvas, my post-workout skin treatments are the same. A great way to tell myself good job! and you go, girl!

Source: Mitsou.com

August 04, 2016