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“Prevention is better than cure” - but there are always ways you can achieve both…

Magic or just science?

Daily life can take its toll on our skin. Whether we’re running around the city, soaking up rays at the
beach or sneaking a cheeky chocolate bar at work, we can be causing damage to our skin. Early
intervention is the key to anti-aging, but sometimes it may feel like we’re past that point. If only there
were a way to not only prevent aging and cure it at the same time…

Get a head start on anti-aging

At all stages in our life it is important to take good care of our skin. Biotherm's research shows that if 20% of the visible signs of skin aging are related to time and are therefore inevitable, 80% are related to lifestyle and environmental factors - so we can do something about it!

Including SPF in our daily beauty regime is vital to prevent premature aging. Repeated overexposure to sun damage can cause our skin to show fine lines and wrinkles and can leave our skin feel dry, adding on the years. Start every day by using Biotherm’s CC Ultra Evenness which has an SPF of 50 to shield skin against UV rays, as well as moringa seed extract and venuceane - which are packed with antioxidant and anti-pollution properties - to defend our skin against environmental stress.

What we put into our body can have a huge impact on our external appearance. With a healthy and balanced diet, we can delay signs of aging by keeping our levels of antioxidants topped up (look to berries), gobbling healthy fats (try omega-3- rich fish such as salmon) and minerals (go for green leafy vegetables) to keep our skin healthy and glowing. Avoid too much alcohol and refined sugar, found in sweets and processed foods, as this can damage cells and cause wrinkles.

It’s never too late! The miracle formula: Life Plankton Essence + Blue Therapy

So, we may not have been a slave to the sunscreen or eaten the diet of a Grecian goddess, but that’s not to say there aren’t ways to cure signs of aging with a few good products and a healthy lifestyle. A good skin care routine is essential to improve the appearance of our complexion. Biotherm’s revolutionary discovery of regenerative Life Plankton, coupled with the multi-defender miracle that is Blue Therapy provides a wonder-formula to not only prevent telltale signs of aging, but also cure them after the act.

Sourced from the French Pyrenees and lauded as the ‘Fountain of Youth’, Life Plankton Essence acts as a cellular collaborator, regenerating skin from five angles ; stimulating the production of keratin and fibroblasts, reducing the feeling of discomfort and redness, protecting the outer layer of the skin, stimulating defense against external toxins, and regulating the skin's alert system against external aggressions. A study on Life Plankton Essence showed that skin looked 3 years younger in 8 days on average, but in the best case scenario, looked 13 years younger - we can’t argue with that!

When coupled with Blue Therapy multi defence, a daily wonder cream that provides a shield against aging accelerators such as UV rays and free radicals, this double anti-aging phenomenon works quickly to instantly soften and improve the appearance of skin by targeting the three main manifestations of aging: wrinkles, sports and loss of firmness.

Life Plankton Essence is the step 0 of any beauty routine; smoothing, cleansing and providing long-lasting skin regeneration, while following this up with just after with Blue Therapy, which harnesses lumbricalis algae that defends against UVB and long-UVA rays and pollution, cures the problem whilst preventing it from reoccurring.

With Biotherm and a healthy lifestyle on your side, aging doesn’t stand a chance!

Life Plankton™ Essence Life Plankton™ Essence
Fundamental Skin Healing Treatment
$ 78.00
Repairing Anti-Aging Silky Cream
$ 89.00
Visible signs of aging repair
September 23, 2016