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Aug 11, 2016

5 tips to fully relax during vacation

So that you don’t spend your whole time on your phone checking your e-mail!...

Vacation should be used as an opportunity to disconnect from your busy day-to-day life and to take the time to fully relax. However, it appears that many people struggle to detach completely: “workcations” (when you go somewhere on vacation but work the whole time) are becoming a thing, Japan is passing a law to force workers to take more days off and a Glassdoor survey revealed that 61% of Americans admit to working at least part of the time while they’re away from the office. If you can relate to that statistic, keep reading to learn how to unwind during your next trip and leave work at home – where it belongs!

Disconnecting from your job – even just for a few days – will help you come back feeling recharged and ready to tackle new projects.

Limit your technology time: We know that snapchatting your whole trip and posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram is tempting (we’re all guilty of wanting to make our friends just a little jealous sometimes!), but stay off social media as much as possible, and simply enjoy the present moment.

Choose a nature destination: Lots of us live in urban concrete jungles, so try to get away somewhere you can reconnect with nature. Being in nature helps us relax, which is great both for our mind and skin!

Book a massage: To get any toxins and knots out and feel more zen.

Block in more “me” time: Make it a habit to schedule times of the day where you read a book, take a walk, or soak up the sun’s rays (while wearing sunscreen of course!).

Schedule an extra day of vacation: If you go on vacation from Monday-Thursday, tell your boss (or your team) that you won’t be back in until the following Monday. Use that Friday when you’re back at home as a day to continue to relax, but to check your e-mail as well. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and allow you to really enjoy those four days off.

Follow these tips and your next vacation will feel like a true break from real life and all its responsibilities.

August 11, 2016