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Nov 1, 2016

The best post-Halloween exercises to burn all that candy

Don’t feel guilty for anything sweet that you ate – there are plenty of ways to work it off!

We all tend to overindulge once Halloween hits. All of the delicious candy apples, chocolate bars and homemade baked goods are too hard to resist! The average American consumes around 3.4 pounds of candy during the Halloween season, which may seem like a lot, but is quite easy to do. Luckily there are a few exercises you can do to scare away the fat. And you won’t even need to go chasing zombies – well, only if you really want to…

Try out the exercises below with a small uncarved pumpkin that you still have lying around the house (it will be slightly heavier with the seeds). These exercises can be done alone or incorporated into your regular workouts.

Bat burpees: Do a normal burpee, but on the jump up extend your legs and arms outwards, as if you were a bat. Next, pick up the pumpkin and lift it up towards the sky. Place the pumpkin back on the ground and repeat the same sequence 10 times. If you don’t know how to do a burpee, check out the example below of Biotherm fitness expert Amanda Bisk .

“Boo!” bicep curls: Hold the pumpkin in both hands, extending it down towards the floor, and slightly out in front of you. Stand in a neutral position, with legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly lift the pumpkin up towards your chest. Do 10 reps, take a break, and repeat two more times.

Spellbound sit-ups: Sit down on the ground and grab your pumpkin. Lie down, with your knees pointing towards the ceiling. Extend your arms (with your pumpkin in your hands) above your head. Engage your core muscles and lift up, bringing the pumpkin to your knees. Slowly lie back down and resume the starting position. Repeat 15-20 times.

Spooky squats: Hold you pumpkin with both hands and do a squat. Hold the squat for 5 seconds, slowly twisting to the right and then to the left with the pumpkin. Repeat 15 times.

Top tip: A small candy bar is about 60-70 calories. If you ate one and want to burn it off fast, all it takes is 30 minutes of yoga or brisk walking. Also, we recommend that when you do decide to indulge in a chocolate bar, try to choose a dark chocolate one for a dose of antioxidants to keep your skin radiant and wrinkle-free. If you’re going to treat yourself, at least make it worthwhile for your complexion!

These exercises will help you break a sweat. However the key to burning off all that candy is to continue to work out on a regular basis, long after Halloween is over!

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