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Oct 7, 2016

The real reason why local produce is so nutritious

Find out why you should be making more trips to the Farmers’ Market!

No one can argue that it’s convenient to make a quick stop at the grocery store to buy your fruit and vegetables for the week. But is this produce giving you the nourishment your body and skin really need? Let’s investigate.


The majority of fruits and vegetables you find in the grocery store travel long distances, and many are also out of season. They’re often picked days – sometimes even weeks – prior to reaching store shelves. This not only decreases the nutritional value of the products, but emits high levels of C02 in the air, as well. Local produce, on the other hand, is usually picked the day before a sale at the Farmers’ Market, and is in-season. It’s better for the environment, more flavorful, and packed with higher levels of vitamins and nutrients to help you feel energetic and have glowing, beautiful skin!


In the early 90s, a Swedish researcher discovered that the ingredients for a typical Swedish breakfast, – apples, coffee, butter, cheese, bread, sugar, cream and orange juice… – travel a combined distance equal to the circumference of the Earth!

Nearly 10 years ago, people started to become more aware of the impact that these long distances were having on the environment. A woman named Jessica Prentice coined the term “locavore” to mean someone who prefers to eat locally and grow their own food, for both health and environmental benefits. The concept caught on quickly, and in 2007 it was named Oxford’s Word of the Year.


As people – locavore and non-locavore alike – become more conscious about what they’re eating and where it comes from, new services and shops emerge to respond to the movement. Today there are lots of Farm-to-Table restaurants; delivery services that offer farm produce delivered right to your door; and small independent grocery stores like Kost in Copenhagen, Denmark that work directly with farmers to give you the freshest and best quality ingredients available.


While buying local is a lot better for you and the planet, it’s still important to ask questions about what the farmers spray their produce with. Too many pesticides are not good for your body or skin! Download and print out EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Guides to take with you when you visit the Farmers’ Market. These documents will help you understand what fruits and vegetables you should be buying organic, local or not!

Buy local to do your health, the environment, and your wallet a favor.

October 07, 2016