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Respect the oceans and they will return the favor

Not only is water one of our planet’s essential elements, it also plays a leading role in our daily beauty regime.

Ever heard of Biotherm’s Water Lovers movement? Well, we all have a lot to gain from it! Behind the peaceful name is a strong-willed list of commitments which seek to protect our planet, an area in which Biotherm is particularly engaged. Biotherm’s love for skincare and their discovery of sustainable, aquatic-based technology relies on the marvels of our planet, hence their commitment to preserving the oceans . Keep reading to see why this is such an important cause and should be a philanthropy from which we all take note.

The benefits of blue biotechnology

Industrial pollution, global warming, oil spills (gulp!)... Two thirds of our planet is covered in water, but our oceans’ biodiversity is becoming increasingly threatened. This is where Biotherm has decided to step in. They seek to dedicate a proportion of their scientific research to ‘blue biotechnology’ - combining aquatic organisms with cutting-edge technology in order to create new sources of energy, extract new active ingredients and simply improve the sustainability of our marine life. Biotherm are aiming to reduce their ecological footprint by 60%. This has lead to the formulation of biodegradable products, such as Waterlover Sun Milk which has a 96% biodegradable base formula, therefore having a lower impact on the water environment, and packaging; 80% of Biotherm’s 50 ml glass jars contain 40% recycled glass.

This all sounds great, but it doesn’t stop there! Since 2012, Biotherm has collaborated with the Dr Sylvia Earle, the founder of Mission Blue™, to support the international initiative aimed at protecting and restoring the ocean’s seabed, as well as raising awareness of the creation of a global network of protected aquatic areas. The goal: restore the planet’s beautiful blue heart, illuminating the path to a bright future for our magnificent oceans.

Where can we find these aquatic assets?

True elixirs of beauty, our oceans are full of elements that are invaluable not only to our health, but also our skin. Water represents the very essence of Biotherm’s products, with active aquatic ingredients such as algae extract, deep sea water and Baicalin in a variety of their skincare ranges, including Aquasource, Blue Therapy and Life Plankton.

After years of research and breakthrough discoveries, Biotherm has integrated microalgae into their formulas. These small microorganisms boast a variety of anti-aging, antioxidant and regenerative properties, which when applied to our skin help strengthen, smoothen and revive it, protecting us from the world’s aggressions.

The ocean has so much to offer, so let’s embrace our natural environment and be conscious of the world around us.

Life Plankton™ Essence Life Plankton™ Essence
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January 05, 2017