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Life Plankton Essence: Our Step 0

In the world of skincare, devising a beauty regime can be tough...where do we even start? How about Step 0...

Biotherm’s discovery of Life Plankton™ and its subsequent introduction of the microorganism into its products has been hailed as a breakthrough for beauty fanatics alike. The technology opens up a different way to view skincare routines, adding a new, yet fundamental, dimension to our regimen - Step 0. Life Plankton™ Essence doesn’t seek to replace nor combine skincare products, rather it seeks to enhance our existing process right from the beginning. This is skincare, but not necessarily like we’ve seen it before...

The science behind the serum

10 scientific papers, 16 patents and 27 years of research later, in a thermal haven in the Pyrenees, Molitg-les-Bains, Biotherm discovered Life Plankton™ ; a microorganism which contains 35 skin-beautifying nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids (to name a few), each one contributing to its hugely regenerative properties. Use Life Plankton™ Essence as the Step 0 in order to regenerate skin before applying any other products, with technology which has been proven to give skin 8 benefits in 8 days. In fact, participants in a study noticed an 100% improvement with regards to boosted luminosity, bounciness, dewiness, smoothness, elasticity and uniformity, looking on average three years younger in just over a week - we can’t argue with that!

Where Life Plankton™ Essence fits into your beauty regimen

Designed to change the way we think about skincare, Life Plankton™ Essence has been created to be the first, lightest layer applied to your complexion. As weightless as water but as powerful as a serum, Life Plankton Essence glides onto our skin, absorbed almost instantaneously and giving us the perfect blank canvas, enhancing whatever we then choose to focus on. Whether we’re on the hunt for smoother skin, lusting over luminosity, dreaming of anti-aging effects , or hankering for hydration, apply your products post-plankton and revel in the rewards. Don’t just take it from us; 95% of women asked agree, confirming that Life Plankton™ Essence made their subsequent beauty regime more efficient and maximized the effects of their products. Compliment your step 0 with Blue Therapy Accelerated moisturiser for the ultimate team in fighting signs of aging, or perhaps use Aquasource Gel as your step 1 to deeply hydrate skin for as long as 48 hours, whereby the combination of these two products heals skin, making it more radiant, smooth and rejuvenated.

Life Plankton™ Essence isn’t just a new skincare product, but also a fundamental step to your skincare regime. Make skin regeneration the very essence of your beauty routine by using Life Plankton™ Essence as Step 0.

Repairing Anti-Aging Silky Cream
$ 89.00
Life Plankton™ Essence Life Plankton™ Essence
Fundamental Skin Healing Treatment
$ 78.00
Up to 48h intensive hydration replenishing gel with Life Plankton™
$ 52.00
January 01, 2017