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Jan 11, 2017

Thrill-seekers: 3 activities to add to your bucket list this year

They’re all guaranteed to give you a rush of adrenaline!

Some people love to live on the edge and find new ways to push their limits. If you’re one of those individuals, then chances are you already have a long list of things you want to do over the course of your lifetime. We’ve got three ideas that might not be on it!


Ideal for: Anyone

Where: Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park (Fujiyoshida, Japan)

Do you remember the first time you went on your first “scary” rollercoaster? The anticipation before the big drop was enough to make your stomach lurch. Now that you’re older (and a more seasoned roller coaster rider), only something truly out of the ordinary will be able to give you that same adrenaline rush. Enter: The Takabisha roller coaster. It’s the world’s steepest roller coaster, with a descent that’s positioned at 121 degrees. Can’t get to Japan anytime soon? Organize a road trip with some friends to an amusement park in your country. You’ll get an adrenaline rush from being somewhere you don’t usually go to, and from testing out new rides!


Ideal for: Experienced skydivers

Where: Worldwide

Anyone who has ever tried skydiving can agree that it’s an exhilarating experience. With time, you can even start trying out new techniques and taking more risks, like back-flipping into the air:

Wingsuit flying takes skydiving to a whole different level by allowing you to feel like you are truly flying in the air, like a bird. You wear a special outfit for it, and it helps you travel at a horizontal speed of 90 mph! The experience will cost you a pretty penny (and you’ll need some training prior), but the rush you feel during it will stay with you for life.


Ideal for: Rock climbers

Where: Ouray, Colorado

While ice climbing can be performed on nearly any icy surface, at Ouray Ice Park in Colorado you’ll be doing it in a secure setting. “Ice farmers” survey the cliffs daily and shave down areas that look risky, or close them off altogether if they appear too dangerous. The park doesn’t offer classes, but the grounds are divided into different sections so that beginners are separated from experienced climbers. This allows everyone to go at their own speed and experience that adrenaline rush they seek!

In small doses adrenaline is good for you. It can give you a surge of energy and help you feel more focused. These bucket-list activities will definitely let you #LIVEMORE!

January 11, 2017