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The secret to reset your skin: cellular regeneration

Sounds complicated, but you’re doing it right now...

Words like skin regeneration and cellular renewal can be thrown around in the beauty world, but how does it actually work and what does it mean for our skin? Keep reading to get a professional point of view on these processes and how we can get in on the action!

How and why does skin cell regeneration happen?

Skin is the largest organ in the body and consists of three tissue layers; the epidermis at the very top, the dermis below and then the subcutaneous tissue which is the innermost layer. The epidermis is constantly shedding dead cells, when you wash your hands, exfoliate or even just rub them together, and replaces them with new, healthy cells.

The regeneration cycle takes around 28 days. However, Life Plankton Essence , packed with the highly regenerative microorganism Life Plankton can help to keep skin clean and fresh, which will aid in accelerating and complementing the body’s natural process, taking a mere 8 days to see visible results. With its unique cellular collaborator technology, renew your skin and transform your complexion a fresh, blank canvas while regenerating, protecting and smoothing skin.

What factors can slow down the cell regeneration process?

Both physical and environmental factors can contribute to lethargic cellular regeneration.

Environmental: Sun, wind and pollution

Top tip! Use URBAN DEFENSE SPF50 to ensure long-lasting protection from the trials and tribulations of daily life. This hydrating moisturizer also contains SPF, stopping any harmful UV rays from penetrating skin whilst deeply quenching and smoothing the complexion.

Physical: Diet (oops!), age

Top tip! Eat a healthy and balanced diet to stimulate cell regeneration. Try yummy foods like berries, nuts, broccoli, ginger root and fish to boost your cellular renewal process and achieve gorgeously rejuvenated, glowing skin. To keep the elasticity and vitality of your skin looking fresh, it is super important to have an effective skincare regime to provide the optimal environment for cellular rejuvenation and to get the glowing skin that we all desire. Try using Blue Therapy Accellerated Cream , which nourishes and repairs skin to fight signs of aging, and keep our complexion looking and feeling young.

When does skin cell regeneration happen?

The wonders of cellular regeneration are always occurring as we go about our daily lives, however research shows that cellular regeneration almost doubles at night, peaking between 11pm and 4am. During our time in la la land, production of collagen is boosted, toxins are destroyed and cellular damage is repaired. Get the full eight hours of beauty sleep to give skin the best chance at renewing itself, waking up to fresh, glowing skin.

With a busy schedule it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep, so the least you can do is boost your skin's chances by using Aquasource Night Spa to adorn your skin with deep moisture replenishment and hydrate, smooth and soothe skin.

If our skin cells renew regularly, why do we still scar?

Although the miracle of cellular regeneration keeps our skin looking luminous, the deeper layers of skin do not go through this process of cellular turnover. A common type of scarring which affects around 80% of the population are stretch marks; when the skin is forced to stretch faster than its capacity to expand, it disrupts the normal production of collagen and causes scars to form.

Although these types of marks are very common and completely natural, they can be stubborn. Smooth on Biotherm’s Body Refirm Stretch Oil to improve skin elasticity and tonicity with its unique algae-based technology, making skin supple and smooth and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

We put our skin through its paces, so let’s give it all the help we can to provide the optimal environment for it to heal and renew.

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March 01, 2017