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Sun protection for mother hen

By Mitsou Gélinas

A mother’s skin requires the utmost care, just like a baby’s! My baby is 10 years old. Mila and I share the same games and the same sunscreen at the beach. We come up with games depending on our mood, the water and the wind, but for sun protection, I let Biotherm protect our skin from the sun’s rays. Once a mother hen, always a mother hen! Especially in the sun!


My family has been using (or should I say, I have been using on my family) the same products for years. Today, my staples are: Lait Solaire SPF 30 , Soin Solaire Visage and Spray Solaire Transparent for those family members who don’t have the patience to put cream-based sunscreen on their skin. I sneak it into my bag with my beach reading so I can reapply throughout the day.


New this year from Biotherm is the Urban Defense ultra-fluid daily face protector, which you can wear both at the beach and on the town, under your makeup. I use it during outdoor shooting.


Because I like to have a nice golden brown look without the negative effects of the sun on my skin, I am a huge fan of the the spray tan that my friend Alexia recommends I use (in a lighter, less orangey version) before I leave. I admit I use Autobronzant Tonique almost year-round. It provides me with a smooth skin tone with just a touch of colour and moisture to liven up my normally pale skin.


For impeccable skin, even in the sun, washing at the end of the day is a must. I love the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift, which cleans deeply and removes sunscreen at the end of the day (in addition to removing makeup, dirt and particles on the skin) ten times better than my hands can. I can’t get enough of the new Uplift brush head, which massages the face and corrects signs of aging, even those caused by the sun. I showed Léa how to use it during our making of episode for the Artis Gala. If you ask me, am I addicted enough to bring it with me when I travel, the answer is yes! It’s better to travel with a bit more so you can worry less and have perfectly tan skin!

Source: Mitsou.com

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