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Guys, get in the know - skincare is for you too!

Contrary to what you may think, men are not exempt from skincare, and especially not during the autumnal season. The harsh effects of the cold, dry heating and irritating fabrics from trying to keep warm affect all of us. And for men who shave regularly, a thorough skincare routine is even more important, as razors can be less than kind to our skin.

Busting the male myth

However, did you know that an amazing 56% of men do not think they need facial skincare products? While the trend for male grooming seemed on the up in the early millennium, the trend for hipster beards seems to have slowed the pace down for guys to embrace skincare. At a time where anything is possible and being yourself (whoever that might be!) is a given, men still find taking care of their skin almost taboo.

Far from being ashamed of caring for their skin, guys should benefit from the vast range of products tailored to suit their specific needs and wants. Far beyond slapping on the aftershave, the array of products now available is just as extensive as it is effective, and the best news is that a good daily skincare routine needn’t be complicated or take long. Follow in David Beckham’s footsteps, whose skincare routine time-efficiently consists of a quick cleanse and moisturize, by taking heed of the regimen below.

3 essential guy skincare products for the bathroom shelf

The ultimate cleanser: Aquapower Cleanser
This oligo-thermal fresh gel is ultra-cleansing and leaves skin feeling fresh and ready for shaving. Best used daily under the shower or on wet skin, it provides you with a cool boost, ideal for those sluggish mornings!

The smoothest shaving foam: 2-in-1 Shaver
Shaving is tough. To protect your skin from the razor’s blades, you need a shaving foam which keeps your skin clean and hydrated all in one. A big ask some might say, but Biotherm has got you covered. With the 2-in-1 Shaver, this gel formula transforms into an ultra-cleansing, moisturizing shaving foam, which rids the skin of impurities and dead skin cells, preparing the way for a truly clean shave. Enriched with Life Plankton, this nourishing shaving foam will keep skin cleansed, repaired and rejuvenated day after day.

The all-essential moisturizer: Aquapower
A daily moisturizer that is both soothing and fortifying, its powerful formula provides intense hydration for an explosion of freshness which lasts for 48 hours. Providing armour-life protection, this oligothermal formula recharges skin, leaving it feeling moisturized, quenched and revitalised. This could be the answer to keep you skin from suffering during those cold winter days on the horizon!

So guys, treat your skincare routine like a man, and get on board to look healthier than ever.

Ultra Moisturizing Skin Moisturizer For Men
$ 39.00
Vitality & Freshness Auto Foaming Shaving Gel.
$ 25.00
Ultra Cleansing Face Wash For Men
$ 32.00