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May 1, 2017

Could stairs be our best fitness ally?

According to a study, a 10-minute stair workout may be all you need to stay in shape!

Out of all the excuses we find for not going to the gym, not having enough time is undoubtedly the most legitimate. No wonder high intensity workouts like HIIT are so successful! The idea that we can build muscle and continue to burn calories hours after we’ve finished exercising has seduced people all over the globe. Now, thanks to a group of researchers, they’ve discovered that stair workouts could make your physical fitness training sessions even faster and easier.

10-minute stair workout: is it enough to stay in shape?

To conduct their study, scientists selected 31 sedentary young women. Three times a week for six weeks, they had to do a short workout. The 10-minute training sessions consisted of 3 intervals of 20 seconds at a fast pace, interspersed with 2 minutes of rest, all carried out on the stairs (ascending and descending).

The group achieved impressive results: the cardio-respiratory capacities of young women increased by 12%. This means that climbing stairs for 10 minutes is the equivalent to 12 minutes of burpees (which is meant to be the most calorie-burning exercise!). So dedicating 30 minutes per week to exercise would, in essence, be enough to stay fit.

This study proved that exercising is within everyone's reach and does not require special equipment. If you don’t have stairs in your house, you can always run up a famous monument (i.e. the Eiffel Tower) like Lucile Woodward !

After your workout, don’t forget to recharge your skin’s batteries with skincare products rich in magnesium, sodium and camphor, like Biotherm’s Skin Fitness Firming Body Emulsion . The benefits from your training session will be multiplied by ten!

May 01, 2017