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This is how hiking regenerates your skin

There’s nothing nature can’t do!

In light of Earth Day this month, we’re pushing you more than ever to venture into the great outdoors and explore the world’s natural beauty. Indeed, it is unanimously agreed by experts that being at one with nature can have remarkable effects on your mental and physical well-being, and this most definitely does not exclude your skin! And what better way to get you and your skin out in the open than to take a hike through beautiful, unexplored terrain?


One of the best ways to recharge your skin’s batteries is to head for the trees. Research has found that students who were sent into the forest for two nights had lower levels of cortisol – a hormone directly related to stress – than those who spent that time in the city. Even the view of nature out of a window is associated with less stress.

This relaxing effect can directly rejuvenate your skin, dodging unwanted conditions such as acne, premature wrinkles and dry skin – all unpleasant by-products of feeling on edge. Enter the wild with Biotherm’s Life Plankton Essence by your side, armed with natural extraordinary regenerative properties which smooths on like water and transforms into the lightest of serums, to banish these imperfections once and for all.


Inflammation is a natural bodily reaction to perceived threats such as damage. However, when it goes into overdrive, it can fiercely aggravate your skin, as well as triggering some other nasty side effects such as inflammatory bowel disease. However, going for a hike in the fresh, open air can relieve these pesky symptoms, lowering levels of inflammation. You can also try Biotherm’s hydrating Aquasource gel – extra-charged with hydrating Life Plankton™, it can soothe agitated skin by generously moisturizing it and leaving it water-plumped.


Time spent outdoors is also thought to enhance the performance of your immune system, associated with positive cellular activity. Exposed to fresh air therefore, your skin is better equipped to deal with the harsh impurities of the world that it is unfairly subjected to on a daily basis, and to therefore stay glowing.

Do your skin a favor and show it the great outdoors. If you’re not one for adventure, then don’t forget that there are products out there such as Biotherm’s new Skin Oxygen range (link when product is out) which can help your skin to breathe, by combatting the effects of pollution and containing natural, oxygenating ingredients.