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Beauty editor-approved: breathe life into your skin

Every morning I wake up and look out over my beloved city. Some say I’m a lucky girl to live in the heart of Paris, and I am, but some days I can’t see some of those amazing landmarks for the thick fog that settles over the city.

All city dwellers will experience this, but sometimes urban life will take its toll on our skin. I’ve noticed that whilst living in a city, I’m surprised by the amount of impurities that find their way onto my skin by the end of the day, and over time my skin has started to look somewhat lacklustre, losing its radiance. I have tested Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen range; the new skincare miracle products aimed at protecting and repairing skin from daily aggressions, urban life, giving it space to breathe.

The complete Skin Oxygen Range

Biotherm recommend to us city dwellers to use the Skin Oxygen Range as a complete skincare routine, whereby the products work in harmony to breathe a breath of fresh air into your skin. Here goes...

#1 Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser

Like any skincare routine, I start with the cleanser and immediately notice my skin brighten. Its formula, enriched with Life Plankton, effectively traps and removes impurities, leaving my skin cleaner and ready for a day spent running around the majestic roads of Paris.

#2 Skin Oxygen Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Lotion

Next, the lotion. I have high expectations, but know that they will be met. As all of the Skin Oxygen products are, this oxygenating lotion is enriched with Chlorella algae extract, A.K.A., the ‘algae that breathes’. This powerful ingredient harnesses oxygen and detoxifies skin, allowing it to breathe deeper and purer than ever before. When formulated in the lotion, this oxygenating product minimises our pores and perfects our skin to make it look more luminous than ever before.

#3 Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate

I have really been looking forward to testing out the serum. I believe in using these little formulas in my daily routines for strong, targeted, deeply penetrating action, and this concentrate is no different. It strengthens and regenerates my skin, making it look and feel visibly stronger, smoother and more radiant. I will definitely be reaching for this one in the future!

#4 Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel

Almost reluctant to move on, as I’m enjoying the pure freshness of the concentrate, I reach for this powerful moisturizer which does exactly what it says on the jar; as soon as this detoxifying formula touches my skin, I can sense the instant soothing effect. This intense nourishment keeps my complexion hydrated for 12 hours, reinforcing my skin’s barrier whilst avoiding pollution particle adherence. When pollution is such a big cause of premature aging, this is exactly what my skin needs!


It might be the Chlorella Vulgaris or the Life Plankton™ from the mineral-rich thermal springs of the French Pyrenees mountains – I’m not sure - but it feels fresh, pure and cooling and I really like the idea that I’m bringing a little bit of the soothing ocean vibes to my little patch of urban jungle. Could I be getting the best of both worlds? The thrill of the city life, with the soothing, detoxifying powers of the sea? It certainly feels like it!

Clarifying, Skin Perfecting, Pore Minimising.
$ 27.00
Antioxidant Moisturizer 12h For Clean Glow
$ 62.00
Detoxify & Strengthen Skin
$ 64.00